Horndog High: Court Orders Lesbian Teachers Reinstated After Classroom Tryst

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By Barbara Ross and Larry McShane

Get ready for a reunion at Horndog High.

Two Romance language teachers fired for their lesbian grope session in a darkened classroom at James Madison High School are entitled to get their jobs back, an appeals court ruled Thursday. Spanish teacher Alini Brito and French instructor Cindy Mauro won their long legal battle to return to the classroom — although perhaps not the darkened one where they were spotted in November 2009.

“The penalty of termination of unemployment is shockingly disproportionate to (their) misconduct,” the five-judge Manhattan Appellate Division panel declared in a sharp rebuke of city education officials. [Their lawyer, Michael] Valentine suggested the pair, in addition to getting their jobs back, are entitled to back pay.

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Mauro, 38, and Brito, 34, were fired in January 2011 by Education Department officials after a janitor insisted he stumbled upon the pair getting busy during the annual school singing competition. A report by investigators found the pair slipped away to Room 337, where one was seen naked from the waist up and the other was on her knees. The night of lust started with the teachers going to a bar and knocking back drinks.

The pair’s escapades were only the first in a long line of sexual shenanigans at the school. Erin Sayar pleaded guilty last year to having sex with a 16-year-old male student. Sayar received 10 years’ probation. In 2009, social studies teacher Allison Musacchio was probed for having an inappropriate relationship with a male student. The investigation was ultimately closed because the teen was above the age of consent and had left the school.

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