County Clerk Forced By Government to Violate the Constitution

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County and municipal clerks all over the country are being faced with this question: do they license something that is not based in the Constitution, but even moreover, is actually a license to do something that collides with their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Mat Staver: We have a very special guest today, Molly Criner. Molly Criner is the clerk of the Court of Irion County Texas.

Molly, you have made a public declaration with regards to your position with respect to the Supreme Court decision, that ultimately was issued by five lawyers saying that there’s a so-called same sex constitutional right to marriage. And therefore, you and other clerks like you have to issue licenses for same sex marriage. And at this point you have said that’s a line you cannot cross.

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Molly Criner: Yes sir. That’s a decision that I made.

Mat: You, no doubt considered this decision before the June 26 opinion by these five on the Supreme Court, and you have written a letter to your fellow clerks with regards to this issue, and you’ve also issued a Declaration of Obedience to law in defense of natural marriage. Tell us about the situation there, what’s happening, and why you made this decision.

Molly:  You’re right. Before the decision ever came down clerks all over texas, I assume all over the country, but I’m privy to conversations going on in Texas, and clerks all over Texas were talking about this and wondering what was going to happen. And some clerks I have personal relationships with were really agonizing over it. My feel of the clerks in Texas were this, for the most part they were all dismayed over the potential of having to do this…

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