Cops Taser, Pepper Spray, Handcuff Homeschool Parents…for Having a Messy House

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By Rebekah Maxwell – BarbWire guest contributor

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In this enlightened age, we know who has the last word: the government. How on Mother Earth could parental units raise their children without instruction and permission from our gracious government benefactors? They even deign to tell us how to feed ourselves and how clean to keep our homes. Who could object to such reasonable commands? If you do, you may need to be reeducated. With Tasers.

A homeschooling family in Missouri is suing police, claiming that the officers deprived them of their 4th and 14th Amendment rights, when they entered their home without a warrant and physically assaulted them with Tasers and pepper spray in front of their children.

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Why? Because a government agent told them the family’s home was “messy.”

In 2011, Jason and Laura Hagan, who teach their three children at home, were investigated by Child Protective Services, who alleged that their home was messy. The Hagans complied with an initial inspection of their home, but balked when the social worker returned for a second inspection, along with two police officers.

There were no allegations that the children were being abused, neglected, or otherwise endangered, only the report of the home being “messy.”

Sounds like an emergency to me. Better call for back-up.

And CPS did– Sheriff Darren White and Captain David Glidden of the Nodaway County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Office showed up at the Hagan’s front door. They didn’t have time for a warrant…but that didn’t stop them.

According to the allegations in the complaint, Glidden grabbed Laura’s wrist and attempted to pull her off the porch. Laura pulled away, and went inside the house. Glidden demanded entry into the home to “check on the well-being of the children.” The Hagans repeatedly refused entry without a warrant, but the police insisted.

The interactions then got physical, as the police officers forced their way into the home. Both Hagans were repeatedly pepper sprayed in the face, and Jason was Tasered multiple times, despite Laura warning the police that he had recently been hospitalized for chest pains.

The Hagans were also physically assaulted; Laura was slapped in the face, knocking off her glasses, and Jason was kicked in the leg after he had fallen to the floor. Their dog was also pepper sprayed and the officers threatened to shoot it if it did not stop barking.

Both Hagans were arrested, charged with resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of a child, and were taken to the county jail.

That’s endangering the welfare of a child, which we have no proof you did, and resisting arrest for when you tried to stop us from committing a crime.

According to the Hagan’s files, one of the officers allegedly said during the incident, “I came in here nice and polite, but you stood in the door, so I had to spray you…You asked about a court order, but I don’t need a court order. So it’s come to this.”

This all happened in front of the Hagans three children. All for their own good, I’m sure.

The Hagans’ children were taken into protective custody by CPS, and were returned to their home nine days later. However, the Hagans did not regain legal custody for five months, during which time they had to report to the social worker whenever seeking medical care for the children.

The Circuit Court in Nodaway County granted a motion to suppress, which tossed out all the evidence against the Hagans that was obtained during the warrantless entry into their home, and the prosecution against them was dropped. In reaching his ruling, Nodaway County Judge Edward M. Manring found that the officers had entered the Hagan home without a warrant, but “the State has not offered sufficient, if indeed any, evidence of an exception that would indicate a warrantless entry.”

Judge Manring also noted that it was “not plausible to believe the condition of the home would change or that the risk to any child in the residence would be any greater during the delay necessary to obtain a warrant.” The judge continued, that the court was unwilling “to sanction warrantless entry into a private residence by pepper spray and taser.”

Can you believe it? The sheer audacity. How dare these parents think they can sue their law enforcement!

They were the ones who resisted the government’s heavy hand. They must have thought the Constitution protected them from illegal search and seizure. That’s just antiquated. Furthermore, it’s suspicious…why wouldn’t they let the officers in if they had nothing to hide? Did they think they have rights once a government agent has decided they’re criminals?

That’s just like those homeschoolers…always thinking they can parent their own children, independent from the state. That they don’t have to justify to the collective how they raise the State’s next generation of workers. The State has evolved beyond the hubris of such individual imaginings…the experts know what’s best for your children better than you do, parents. And the parents who resist need to be taught a lesson. With Tasers.

It’s for the children.

Rebekah Maxwell, producer of the Steve Deace Show, began reporting and producing at WHO Radio in 2007, with on-air work recognized by the official alphabet soup: the AP, IBNA, NBNA, RTDNA, NAB (all the while staying far from the TSA and UFOs). She delights in debating religion, politics, and all other subjects impolite at the dinner table. Her favorite time of year is Caucus season, and she’s an accomplished slam poet, ready to spit the truth…in mad rhymes, if necessary.

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