‘The Content of Your Character’

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By Rob PueBarbWire guest contributor

Before I get started here, I want to preface by saying that I’m addressing this issue as an older, white, conservative Christian male.  I’m just an average guy, and I think I represent the views of other older, white, conservative Christian males pretty accurately.  But my description of myself, in the hands of some, would translate to: privileged, racist bigot.  I take offense to that.  I’m none of those things and I don’t think others like me are either.

I have dear friends who are Black, Latino, Asian, Eastern European, and Russian.  I don’t divide or label people according to their “race” or heritage.  I value them for who they are, what they do, for the different relationships I have with each of them.  On a larger scale, I don’t view people in general by their race either.  People are people.  There is one race, the Human Race.  We are all descendants Of Noah.

But we DO have a racism problem in America.  One need only look at the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri… or the protests and demonstrations by illegal immigrants that take place frequently in our larger cities to see this is true.  There exists a deep division in our national identity, a division filled with resentment, which often manifests itself in rage.

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But the racism that exists today does not originate where you might think.  The 1950s and ‘60s are long behind us, and so is segregation.  The America I love is the “melting pot.”  All of us here, unless we are Native Americans, are immigrants.  We come from many lands, many cultures.  But we are here because our forefathers sought freedom, opportunity and equality, and this country still offers these things today.  But instead of a melting pot, today we’re more like a tossed salad — our modern day immigrants no longer seek to assimilate, to be a part of “One Nation Under God.”  Instead they refuse to learn English, refuse to learn our history and heritage.  They want the benefits of being an American without becoming an American.  Not possible, really.  Because the result is not one, but MANY nations, many languages, many diverse cultures, never blending, never even co-mingling in many cases, but instead living separately, often at war with one another.  Instead of a nation united, we are more divided than ever.

As our first black president, Barack Hussein Obama had an unprecedented opportunity to unite the troubled people of our country and help encourage and lift black people, especially, out of poverty and lack.  But instead, he has chosen to simply repeat the tired old mantra of “white privilege,” and “black victimization.”  And his instilling of resentment and division goes well beyond just the black and white issue.  He’s taken every opportunity to divide Americans from all walks of life… he’s pitted the wealthy against the poor, the workers against the non-workers, the citizens against the immigrants, the “gay” against the “straight,” the faithful against the atheist.  Indeed, MANY commentators have noted he is the most divisive president ever… and it’s NOT because he happens to be black… it has ultimately been his ACTIONS, not his race, that cause such conflict.

But he is certainly not alone.  Any time the slightest conflict arises, we have the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton right there to fan the flames.  In addition to that, Obama’s pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright, has made some of the most reprehensible anti-Semitic statements I’ve ever heard.   I have to wonder: do these “Reverends” truly believe what they preach or do they understand exactly what they’re doing as they, too, pit black people against white at every opportunity?

Their message is that black people are victims, always treated unfairly, always taken advantage of, always persecuted and wrongly prosecuted by their white neighbors, and by an unfair system, designed to keep them down, a system set up and run by those same racist, bigoted, hateful white people.  They cry out for justice and liberation from their white oppressors.

But is this a true picture of America?  Perhaps at one time, sixty years ago.  But this is 2014.  We’ve come a long way.  We have repented of our ignorance and sins of the past.  We’ve grown up and we know better.  We, long ago, reached the point where people are now judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.  Yes, my friends, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has been achieved, and it was achieved long ago.  And more than that, there are, today, more social programs available specifically to black people than ever before in history.  Some run by government, some by private organizations.  If a black person — or a person of ANY minority — desires to have a better life, an education, even preference for college admission, preference for a good paying job, even preference for a low rate home mortgage,  its readily available.  But at the same time, so is welfare, free housing, food stamps, and a myriad of other “entitlements.”

I suppose it is only our fallen human nature that causes so many to choose the easy road, the free stuff… and to excuse a lack of accomplishment in one’s life by pulling out the “black oppression” or “victim” card.  Then the Sharptons and the Jacksons come along to help such people feel justified in their choices.  In fact, they unite those who choose to be oppressed in a violent rage against those they see who are accomplishing more, those who are better off, those who are making a life for themselves.  They call it “racism.”  It is assumed that it is the white people who are racist, keeping the black folks down.  In reality, it is these black leaders, including our president, who are the real racists.

Recently, while watching television, I saw a commercial for a dating service, designed exclusively for black people.  It’s called “BlackPeopleMeet.com.”  I’m a bit incredulous that anyone finds this acceptable in our day and age of political correctness.  If I were to launch a website called “WhitePeopleMeet.com,” how long would it be before I was branded a racist, and likely even sued and punished by some government agency for perpetrating a “hate crime?”  I’m just asking.

What about the United Negro College Fund?  How about a “United White People College Fund?”  How far would that get?  There are countless organizations out there designed to help black people fight racism and prejudice and the names of these organizations are inherently racist!  We even have “Miss Black USA.”  Could there be a “Miss WHITE USA” or, would that be racist?  Another organization I found is called the “National Registry of Black Baby Names.”  No, I’m not kidding.  There is such a thing.  Funny though, I couldn’t find a “National Registry of White Baby Names.”   So, I’m just wondering, who really are the racists?

“But,” you say, “you cannot deny that black people are oppressed.  They are stuck in blighted, inner city neighborhoods, and if they go into a store, the owners follow them around, as if they’re going to steal something.  So many have a hard time getting good jobs, so they must depend on welfare.  It’s their only option.”

No, I’m not buying that argument.  As I said, if anyone, black or white, desires a better life, an education, a good job, a nice home in a nice neighborhood, it is still possible to obtain all that in America today.  And for those living below the poverty line, or in a blighted neighborhood, as a black person or as any other minority, its actually even easier to obtain because there are a great many special programs designed especially to help these individuals.

Followed around in stores because merchants fear you’ll steal something?  Is it because you’re black?  Or is it because you’re wearing your pants halfway down your backside, you’re covered in gang tattoos, listening to vulgar and violent hip hop on your iPod, AND you happen to be carrying a giant backpack  — and people fitting such a description have a HISTORY of theft and violence?  Is this racial profiling, or is being suspicious of such individuals just common sense?

You see, its sort of like the young white “gangsta” wannabe, dressed in shredded jeans, with his eyelids, nose, ears and tongue pierced,  wondering why the local Applebees won’t give him a job waiting tables.  “It’s discrimination” you cry!  Well, yeah, I’ll give you that, but then people make choices all the time.  Store owners and restaurant managers must do what is best for their business, and hiring someone who would scare customers away is simply not in their best interest, is it?  Has nothing at all to do with race.

Again, it is the CONTENT of one’s CHARACTER.  Not the color of their skin.  Friends, the problems we are experiencing today are not caused by, nor are they perpetuated by “privileged” white people.  Inner city slums exist because of the leftist, liberal race-baiters.  They must keep their constituents down and victimized.  If people climb out of the slums, and no longer view themselves as victims, these so-called “leaders” lose their power.

For years, respectable black leaders have been calling for change.  Even comedian Bill Cosby has been critical of the modern day “black culture” of “gangstas” and hip hop.  He has encouraged parents to take personal responsibility, to stop having child after child out of wedlock, to strengthen their family units, to get an education and see to it their kids do too.  He has called for them to stop the violence, to speak proper English… in short, to have some respect for themselves.  Yet when an inner city high school recently cancelled him as keynote speaker at graduation, they cited as the reason that Cosby is “out of touch” with reality, that his message sounded, “like something from an AM radio station from outer space.”  Really?  Encouraging kids to stop swearing, living on welfare, using drugs and committing crime and instead to get and education and strengthen their families… that is “out of touch with reality?”

I drive through the blighted inner city neighborhoods in our state every month, and I always wonder, “does no one living here ever travel outside the neighborhood?”  You see, you can go from the utter poverty of the housing projects to state and private universities in a matter of minutes.  You can get to beautiful suburban communities with landscaped yards and manicured lawns in minutes.  Within a half hour you can be in the countryside seeing the rolling hills and meadows and farmland.  There is LIFE outside the ghetto.  There are programs waiting to help them get there — for FREE.  Why don’t they choose LIFE?  Why do they choose to remain “victims?”

The answer, my friends, is simple.  It is the CONTENT of one’s CHARACTER.  Has nothing to do with the color of their skin.  Yes, it is easier, I suppose to play the victim, take the free check and government “benefits.”  To have lustful, unbridled and irresponsible sex, creating children out of wedlock in broken homes.  It’s easier.  But is it better?  I have to wonder what motivates such individuals to even get out of bed every day, having no job and nothing to do.  Often it’s just the government hand-out.  Get their check and go buy liquor and smokes.  Am I being prejudiced?  And I generalizing?  Am I being racist?  No.  I know of what I speak.

Sadly, I dare say, this is Barack Obama’s vision for America.  Now he, and his followers will tell you such a scenario is not the outcome they seek.  Its not the Utopian, Socialist dream they see in their heads.  But by enabling ongoing irresponsibility, this is the eventual — and inevitable — result.  It will turn out this way every time.

Would you like some inspiration?  Would you like to learn about an alternative outcome?  Read any of the books by Dr. Ben Carson.  He, too, began life in the inner city, the son of a poor, illiterate single black mother.  In the fifth grade he was at the bottom of his class.  But his mother demanded and EXPECTED more of him.  A man of CHARACTER, he rose to the challenge, while at the same time embracing his Christian faith.  Today he is the most respected neurosurgeon in the world, and an articulate speaker, who quickly sells out auditoriums wherever he is invited to speak.  Many see him as the best hope for our next president — uniquely qualified to finally bring unity and lift people out of hopelessness.  While he will share with you the struggles he had as a young black person growing up in the inner city, he never once claims to be a victim, but instead, he always strove to do his very best.  He is a man to be admired.

But those who prefer to instill hatred and violence, cause division and perpetuate poverty and victimhood do not admire him.  Instead they revile him.

And so once again, it comes down to the content of one’s character.  The color of a person’s skin has no more bearing than the color of the car they drive.  Yes, there is racism in America.  There is division and hatred and rage.  But the next time you see a Trayvon Martin case or a Ferguson, Missouri, consider the source of that division.

We are all made in God’s own image.  We are all part of one race, the human race, descended from Noah.  Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in His sight.  But Satan, the father of lies, comes to kill, steal and destroy.  He’s a master of deception, using even those who call themselves “Reverend” to perpetuate lies and hatred and keep people in darkness and oppression.  When you know your enemy, recognize the source, you can begin to defeat it.  But as with all things, it comes down to free will.  Which direction a person chooses ultimately comes down, once again, to the content of one’s character.

Rob Pue is publisher of WisconsinChristianNews.com.

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