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Even amidst the political firestorm over Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona and the dubious explanation of the nature of the conversation, the mainstream media has yet to be honest with the public about what lies at the center of this latest Hillary Clinton scandal. It would appear that the alternative media compelled the networks to mention the story in the first place.  After all, they were a day late in reporting the meeting and only did so after it had been widely reported on dozens of internet news sites.

No one expects the Attorney General to file criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, in fact, CNN has already reported that no charges will be filed.  News networks have vaguely reported on this massive scandal as “Clinton’s email controversy” and CBS News characterized it as Clinton’s “email server case.”  The truth is far more serious than they are willing to admit. Federal crimes were committed by Mrs. Clinton who put top secret and secret national security information at risk for nothing more compelling her own personal convenience.

It is a matter of public record that, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had an email server installed in the bathroom closet of her home in Chappaqua, New York.  With this server, she accessed information classified top secret and higher from the U.S. State Department computers, in clear violation of U.S. espionage law Title 18, subsection 793, paragraph f.

In order to be authorized, the server would have to be: approved by the president, contained in a secure room with access limited to only the person or persons with a valid security clearance and a legitimate need-to-know the information in question.  The cabling must be shielded and run through conduit from the point it enters a building to the terminal point at which access to the information is made.  Commercial wireless devices do not provide adequate security.  Every room through which the cable is run must be impenetrable and protected by physical barriers to prevent being tapped.

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This scandal involves, not simply an unauthorized email account, but willfully and knowingly putting classified national security information at risk.  The U.S. Code allows imprisonment for up to ten years for this felony.  The facts are not in dispute.  They are widely available to the public.  Nevertheless, an indictment is as unlikely as an outcry from the public, because the mainstream media has not been telling the whole truth about the nature of Clinton’s outrageous and callous disregard for national security.

If a defense contractor had so recklessly jeopardized classified information as did Mrs. Clinton, that company would be subject to the immediate loss of its security clearance.  But Clinton is a Democrat, so she will get a pass.  If she cannot be trusted to safeguard classified information as the Secretary of State, who can believe that she will protect U.S. secrets from the White House?

F.B.I. Director James Comey said in a news conference Tuesday, July 5, 2016 that Mrs. Clinton sent and received classified information on her private server, a fact that Mrs. Clinton denied in earlier statements.  Comey said that there was no indication of “malicious intent” on the part of Mrs. Clinton to divulge classified information, but malicious intent is not required by the statute.  Gross negligence is all that is necessary, and that it self-evident by the very existence of the private server.  Comey concluded his remarks saying, “no reasonable prosecutor would file charges in this case.”  That’s simply wrong.  No reasonable prosecutor would refuse to prosecute this case unless political pressure was applied.  While it is unlikely that Clinton would ever see the inside of a prison, the charges should have been filed.

Once again, we see a corrupt Democrat politician evade accountability under the law.  There is no question that if Hillary Clinton was a private citizen or a Republican, charges would be filed and a full investigation would be conducted.  Even now, the F.B.I. cannot determine who or what foreign national may have gained access to classified information through Clinton’s reckless disregard for security.

Some may be tempted to think, “What’s the big deal, so she made a mistake?”  It’s a very big deal.  The extent and the cost of the damage caused by Mrs. Clinton’s reckless disregard for national security is unknowable.  The federal government employs nearly 3 million people not counting members of the armed services.  Most of these have access to classified information.  Respect for the law is unquestionably and unavoidably diminished by Clinton’s crimes.

When an Attorney General violates U.S. firearms laws as occurred in Operation Fast and Furious, and Americans are killed, we slip a little closer to anarchy.  When a sitting president violates the U.S. Constitution by illegitimate executive orders, respect for the Constitution is weakened and we slip a little closer to anarchy.  When a former Secretary of State, through gross negligence gets American diplomats killed and when that same official disregards national security information with impunity, respect for the law is eroded, and we slip a little closer to anarchy.

It’s been said that America gets the leaders it deserves.  If there is one thing that is clear from the many years of Clinton scandals that are swept away by political cronyism and cover-ups, it’s that despite what the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says, we are not all equal under the law.  If you are a Democrat politician you can commit any crime, violate any law or tell any lie without the slightest concern that you will be held accountable as would any other politician or ordinary citizen.

The hypocritical double-standard in Washington has to stop.  Only the people of the United States, out of respect for the law and one another, can ensure that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will answer for her many crimes and abuses.  But if past experience is any indication, that’s not likely to happen.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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