Considering the Tragic Shooting of Christians in Oregon

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The tragic shooting — the mass murder, really — of Christians in a community college in Oregon is shocking, that this kind of thing has come to America. Where people are asked whether they are Christian, and because they are, They’re killed on the spot.

Mat Staver: Matt, this shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, went to the Umpqua Community College in Oregon, and there took the lives of a number of students that were attending, asking them beforehand what their religion was. If they were not Christian we were told that he shot them, for example, in the leg, and if they were Christian, they were then killed, shot in the head and murdered there on the spot.

This is a tragic situation where these students, without question, no matter what we learn about this individual, were targeted because they are Christians. We see this happening in the Middle East where Christians are being brutalized and killed and slaughtered because they are Christians. And now we have this happening on a college campus.

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This is a sad day in America that something like this would happen.

Matt Barber: Well, Mat, there are reports that the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, that he was a Muslim, that his MySpace page had two friends and they were both Muslim. And then he had a bunch of photos of jihadists and so forth. I’ve read other reports that he was an atheist. Whatever the fact we know this much: he was anti-Christian.

And we had a shooting elsewhere where tragically three Muslim folks were killed over a parking spot. Of course the President immediately jumped to conclusions and the media immediately start calling it an “anti-Muslim” hate crime. Why, I’m wondering, has not the President mentioned, why hasn’t the media not mentioned this as an “anti-Christian” hate crime?

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