Conservatives: Take the Gamble, Vote for Trump

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By Erik Rush

There was a time in my youth and ignorance wherein I believed that the Democratic Party was one whose history was probably at least as august and honorable as that of the Republican Party, but that the former had merely been corrupted by the insinuation of radical leftists into it over the last century. As I discovered, and for reasons that remain somewhat obscure, the Democratic Party has a long history of odious and dishonorable behaviors and policies, which I addressed in my last column in this space.

In light of this, it is quite fitting that the Democratic Party is the one that has spearheaded efforts to advance socialism in America, whether we are talking communism, national socialism, or what is often labeled liberalism or progressivism. To a degree, these labels are immaterial in a practical sense; with the exception of communism, wherein the state maintains absolute ownership and control of the means of production and distribution (using the parlance of economics) and individual liberties are nonexistent, the foregoing nomenclature represents the same outcome, with liberalism and progressivism being the incremental rather than the wholesale implementation of a socialist state.

In recent years, it has also become apparent that the leadership of the Republican Party is colluding with the Democrats in advancing an international socialist agenda, this being the incorporation of our nation into an amalgam of Western socialist states.

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The reason I maintain it is fitting that the Democratic Party is the principal entity advancing socialism is in fact due to its questionable history.

Let us examine the common use of the terms “progressive” and “progressivism” by prominent socialists in the Democrat Party. Since the term “liberal” has once again fallen into suspicion as far as the electorate is concerned, socialists have adopted the former two. This is a tactic they have employed on a few occasions over the last century when the public began to awaken to the deleterious nature of their policies.

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