Conservatives Still Clueless about Left

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Conservatives think that if they state what should be true or what they want to be true, it will be so. It’s why they’ve lost in the Left-wing War on America. So leave conservatism and adjust your worldview. Then you’ll be able to fight back against the leftist assault.

The following tweet came across my timeline the other day.

“Bakers can be biased against gays. Facebook can be biased against conservatives. Private businesses. Their decision. The end. Next issue.” Boy, what a “burn” by a conservative pundit. That showed everyone and settled the matter. Now everyone will surely go about letting people exercise their right to associate with whom they want.

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We don’t live in a nation that respects rules, laws, or logic any longer. So, no, bakers can’t discriminate against sexual madmen even as Facebook can discriminate against conservatives. The government will crush the mom-and-pop bakers while ensuring the billion-dollar Facebook has its full protection.

This is the problem with conservatives. They refuse to face reality. But you don’t have to be like them.

And when you face reality your thinking will change and you’ll begin seeing solutions that you’ve never before considered. For example, one such solution to the Left-wing War on America is that good people need to gain control of governmental power and reverse what is happening—use it to crush the left while protecting the righteous.

Do you think this is too “un-gentlemanly” or “uncivil?” Or “stooping to their level when we’re better than that”? Conservatives certainly don’t think this way. And that’s exactly my point.

So tweets like the following are absolutely correct in their observations. I am not criticizing them. But correct observations do not change things. Leftists simply don’t care about reality or their hypocrisy any more than they don’t care about their lawlessness (HT to @Rosarian and @Camilian1Sabel respectively).

Deviants can discriminate but Christians cannot. Men can choose women’s bathrooms but parents cannot choose amongst public schools. Obama will fervently prosecute people who acknowledge truth but he will not prosecute his allies—they are above the law.

Recognize this reality and then adjust your worldview and how you think, act, and react. Once you do so, you’ll be able to start fighting back (through new tactics and strategy) against the Left-wing War on America. And your first step towards this end should be to leave conservatism. You’ll never fully be able to adjust your life to reality as long as you remain a part of it.

Conservatives have spectacularly failed. And their cluelessness to what is going on around them is one of the many reasons I left them.

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