“Conservatives” Against “Conservatives”: Brazilian President Bolsonaro Is Called a “Homophobe” by U.S. “Conservative” Fox News

“Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s comment that the country must not become a ‘gay tourism paradise’ sparked concern that LGBTQ people will avoid traveling to the country, fearing the possibility of violence, according to advocates and industry representatives,” said Fox News on Sunday.

By the way, Bolsonaro’s comment sparked concern also in Fox News.

The Fox News report was titled “Homophobic remarks by Brazil’s president could harm tourism industry, advocates say.”

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You could measure Fox News as more conservative because U.S. President Donald Trump has given preference to Fox News instead of CNN, a liberal channel whom he accuses of FakeNews. So if Fox News accuses Bolsonaro of being a “homophobe,” is this accusation accurate?

In his March trip to the U.S., Bolsonaro also preferred to be interviewed by Fox News instead of CNN, because he also thinks that Fox News is more conservative and because he is against FakeNews.

So, again, is Fox News’s accusation of him being a “homophobe” correct?

Fox News said,

“During a talk with reporters on Thursday, Bolsonaro said that the Latin American country should avoid being known as a gay destination because ‘we have families.’”

I see no problem in his comment, because there is no pride in being known as a modern Sodom, filled of homosexual orgies.

But then Fox News added a troubling comment by Bolsonaro,

“He said that tourists were more than welcome to ‘come here and have sex with a woman.’”

It seems that in this point Fox News aligned itself with homosexualists, who basically complained that if Bolsonaro is ok with tourists coming to Brazil to have sex with women, why not with men too?

Actually, the additional comment by Bolsonaro cannot be considered conservative. To say that tourists are more than welcome to come to Brazil to have sex with women is to treat Brazilian women as whores.

But such offensive comment was not criticized by Fox News, which seems to understand that if Brazilian women are entitled to be treated as whores of tourists, Brazilian men and boys have the same right.

I add boys because Brazil has a massive problem with tourists looking for prostitution, including with underage girls. Homosexual tourism involving prostitution, including with underage boys, has never been assessed by experts.

Fox News said,

“Bolsonaro’s homophobic remarks will have social and economic repercussions for Brazil,” John Tanzella, president of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, an organization with members in 75 countries, told Thomson Reuters Foundation.

 While there is no official data on how much revenue LGBTQ tourism generates in Brazil, major events like Sao Paulo’s annual LGBTQ Pride Parade, and Rio de Janeiro’s gay-friendly Carnival, fill hotels nearly to maximum capacity.

“It’s going to have an impact,” Alfredo Lopes, Rio’s regional president of the Brazilian Association of Hotels, told the news agency.

Why cannot Fox News and others see other impacts? Brazilian hotels are known to have scandals of, against the law, allowing underage girls being made available to tourists. Are not Brazilian boys made available to tourists in hotels too?

Also, why see only the alleged positive financial impact, and ignore the negative impacts?

Homosexuality is linked to a host of evils and sexual diseases. What is the impact of these evils and diseases in the Brazilian society? Who pays for the medical bills of the sexual exploitation by homosexual tourists?

So homosexual tourists come without leaving any cheque to cover medical expenses for the burden of their sexual proclivities. Hotels also do not pay for the medical bills, which are billed to the Brazilian taxpayers. This is the reason I am complaining here. Why am I, a Brazilian taxpayer with seven children, forced to pay for the medical bills in government hospitals of men and boys used by homosexual tourists? Why not add this financial impact in the consequences of homosexual tourism? Why have I to pay for the burden of this pervert tourism?

“Conservative” Fox News said,

Bolsonaro, a self-proclaimed “proud homophobe,” has made numerous negative comments about the LGBTQ community over the years.

On Friday, a Brazilian bank commercial highlighting the country’s diversity was pulled following a demand from Bolsonaro. The campaign featured black and transgender actors and it began running at the beginning of the month before it was pulled on April 14, according to Yahoo! News.

What Fox News did not say is that the bank is federal. So I and other Brazilian taxpayers pay for the homosexual commercial. Is it fair? Brazilian conservatives should not be forced to pay for a homosexual commercial from a federal institution imposing values against the Brazilian family.

If to remove a commercial glorifying homosexuality makes Bolsonaro a “homophobe,” I am too, and proudly. But if the definition of “homophobia” is violence against homosexuals, Bolsonaro is not a “homophobe,” because he has never committed any violence to homosexuals. I am not a “homophobe” too, because I have never committed any violence to homosexuals.

In spite of accusations of “homophobia” from “conservative” Fox News, the Bolsonaro administration has decided to keep laws and federal homosexual departments created by the former administrations of socialist presidents Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva and Dilma Rousseff. Homosexual directors of federal homosexual agencies appointed by Rousseff will be kept in their posts, by Bolsonaro’s decision. So how can Fox News accuse him of being a “homophobe” if he is keeping homosexualists in federal posts?

I am the author of “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement), published originally by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers in 1998. This was the first book to expose the homosexual agenda in Brazil.

As a conservative evangelical who has been fighting against the homosexual agenda for over 20 years, including during the terms of Lula and Rousseff, I cannot understand and accept that “homophobe” Bolsonaro has decided to keep federal homosexual agencies in his administration, forcing me and other taxpayers to pay the salaries of homosexualists in the federal government.

I cannot also accept Bolsonaro’s comment that tourists are more than welcome to come to Brazil to have sex with women, who should not be treated as whores. This comment was very offensive to Brazilian women, and Fox News should have condemned it, but it did not do it.

There is some conservatism in Bolsonaro. Some fake conservatism. And some confusion. Much of this confusion is because he is very poorly advised.

Yet, how can “conservative” Fox News help him if it condemns him for removing a homosexual commercial but does not condemn him for keeping federal homosexual agencies in his administration and for disrespecting Brazilian women?

Portuguese version of this article: “Conservadores” contra “conservadores”: Bolsonaro é chamado de “homófobo” pelo canal de TV “conservador” Fox News dos EUA

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