Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling to Destroy All Gun Makers in US

If someone intentionally uses a Chevrolet Suburban to run into and kill a number of people, should General Motors be held liable for what the driver did because they made the suburban?

If someone buys a Latin Machete and uses it to hack up and bunch of people, should the victims or their families be allowed to sue Cold Steel for making that particular machete?

The answers are obviously NO, but not according to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

The state’s high court ruled that relatives of the Sandy Hook victims have the right to file a lawsuit against Remington because they manufactured the semi-automatic rifle used by Adam Lanza.

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Big League Politics – Anti-Gunners Win Case To Potentially Bankrupt Gun Manufacturers in the Court Room – On March 14, 2019 the Connecticut Supreme Court sided with anti-gun interests by giving the green-light for a lawsuit against companies that manufactured and sold the semi-automatic rifle that Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Sandy Hook victims’ relatives originally sued the gun manufacturer Remington in 2014 for facilitating this shooting.

This recent ruling allows this lawsuit to potentially go to trial, which could legally compel gun companies to turn over internal communications and other sensitive information to anti-gun government agencies.

The court agreed with the lower court judge’s decision to throw out claims that directly challenged the federal law, The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, protecting gun companies from federal litigation…

The ruling of the Connecticut Supreme Court opens the door for anyone to file a lawsuit against every gun manufacturer if one of their guns is used in a crime or used to injure or kill anyone.,

Such a ruling, which assuredly will be appealed to the US Supreme Court, will undoubtedly be used by every gun-hating anti-Second Amendment liberal to financially destroy every gun maker in the United States.

In fact, such a precedent could be used to sue every auto maker, knife maker, baseball bat maker, household chemical maker and so on.

America has already become the lawsuit happy nation in all of the world, with stupid people suing for the most trivial and ridiculous things, like suing a state for failing to control their wildlife after a mountain lion attacked a boy while the family was camping by a lake.

This precedent will ruin many businesses and further clog the courts with lawsuits that should never see the light of day.



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