Congress to Vote on Iran Deal

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Congress is coming back in session and one of the big votes on the horizon is this so-called Iran Deal.

Mat Staver: Matt, one of the big bills that’s coming down the pipe, one of the big votes, is whether Congress will agree or disagree with this so-called Iran Deal. And one of the things that is now happening, it’s coming from the House that there will be no vote on this particular Iran Deal unless and until President Obama reveals all the secret side agreements.

Which is just unbelievable that the President would have secret agreements that he would not inform either the House or the Senate, that they are just supposed to vote in favor of what he has negotiated or what John Kerry has “negotiated.” (they didn’t negotiate anything, they just accepted what was handed to  them by Iran. And that they have these secret agreements…nobody knows what they are. Nobody knows why they’re secret. And they have no informed ability to whether to chose to affirm or not to affirm.

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Matt Barber: A big part of the problem here is that the Congress and the House agreed to give Obama his way and then said in order to override it, they need a supermajority. Well that’s not how it works, the way a treaty works. And that’s what this is here. They need the advisement and consent of the Senate and the United States Congress to affirm a treaty which requires a supermajority. So they flipped it here.

It’s completely been turned on its head, so that the President and John Kerry, well, really these Iranian mullahs get whatever they want because the President has completely capitulated on every single aspect of it. And one central core aspect of it has come to light was that they would be monitoring their possession of uranium, and any transference of uranium…Well now suddenly, lo and behold, hey we’ve just discovered a great rich deposit of uranium right here in Iran…

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