Confirmed: Olavo de Carvalho is the Rasputin of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Leader of Bolsonaro’s party says that he is in love with Carvalho

Immediately after the Brazilian presidential election last October, I warned, in my article “Jair Bolsonaro’s Rasputin? How to Weaken a Right-Winger,” that Bolsonaro could get trapped under the wicked influence of a Rasputin. The warning has been confirmed by one of the most important leaders of Bolsonaro’s party, who said that Bolsonaro “is in love with Olavo” — a reference to Olavo de Carvalho, a self-styled philosopher with a history in occultism and astrology.

In an interview with the Brazilian newspaper Estado de S. Paulo this week, Brazilian congressman Delegado Waldir talked candidly about what he sees threatening Bolsonaro.

Waldir is a gun supporter and he has travelled to at least 100 nations, from the entire Europe to Asia, United States and the entire Latin America. He is the leader of PSL (Liberal Social Party) in the House of Representatives in Brazil. PSL is Bolsonaro’s party.

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Estado de S. Paulo asked him what he thought of the fall of the minister of Education. He answered that he:

“was minister because he was an olavete [adherent of Carvalho], indicated by Olavo de Carvalho. With the indication of another [minister] the president signaled that Olavo is very strong, because he is in love with Olavo, he remains in love with Carvalho’s theses, which weakens the technical and military sectors of the government.”

The Brazilian newspaper asked him:

“What do you think of Olavo de Carvalho, considered as President Bolsonaro’s guru?”

In this point, I should add that even the U.S. government recognizes that Bolsonaro is dependent on Carvalho. In a recent report, the Voice of America, the official international broadcaster of the U.S. government, recognized that Carvalho is Bolsonaro’s guru.

Waldir’s answer:

“Good-for-nothing. An individual who keeps giving tips about our country from outside. How many votes did he bring? What campaign did he do?”

Estado de S. Paulo asked him if he ever read some book of Carvalho, and he answered:

“I do not have time to waste on it. And I doubt that President Bolsonaro has read just one of his books.”

The newspaper asked:

“How do you understand this influence of Olavo de Carvalho on the president?”

Waldir replied:

“They say he’s the right-wing prophet. He who brought the ideals of bolsonarism.”

The paper insisted:

“And what do you say?”

He said:

“All bulls**t… It is unacceptable Olavo attacking PSL, congressmen, the government and the military — from another country. He has appointed two ministries…”

Estado de S. Paulo asked him:

“What problems has the connection with Olavo provoked?”

Waldir answered:

“The great friction that exists today in the government, the president’s decisions, are influenced by this philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. It is necessary to remove his influence from the government. Who should have influence is the president. [Carvalho] cannot be the tipster on duty,” adding, “It’s time for Olavo de Carvalho to stop giving tips to the government. Tips belongs only to lottery.”

In an interview with O Globo, another Brazilian newspaper, Waldir said:

— The field of influence of adherents of Carvalho [in the Bolsonaro administration is harmful], in my view, because of their very strong ideological position. They should exit the government so that the president may govern with tranquility.

— It is unfair for a group to have two ministries and attack the government, attack the military, attack the few existing groups within the government. (It would be good for them to exit) to pacify.

His interviews reveal that the Brazilian Ministry of Education became a chaos after Bolsonaro appointed a man indicated by Carvalho. The result was the fall of the new minister of Education after much confusion. But I had already warned that he liked Hillary Clinton and he disliked Trump.

The foreign affair minister Ernesto Araújo, also indicated by Carvalho, has other serious problems. He said that Nazism is socialism, even though his own “conservatism” is inspired by Julius Evola, the anti-Marxist occultist who inspired Nazism.

It is not only Araújo who has connection to occultists. Carvalho himself bragged this week, “Steve Bannon and Wolfgang Smith think that I am a genius.” Both Bannon and Smith are adherents of the Islamic occultist René Guénon, who founded the Traditionalist School to fight Marxism. His most prominent disciple was Evola! And Carvalho himself has been promoting Guénon in Brazil for decades.

Occultists always praise occultists. And Carvalho and Bannon are not only praising one another, they are really involved with one another. In 2014, Bannon praised Guénon and Evola at a Vatican conference.

Guenonians’ hope is to manipulate, even evangelicals, to advance their occult fascism.

So is not it interesting that Carvalho, who has been a self-exiled Brazilian immigrant in the U.S. for over 13 years, has been praised not by U.S. prominent conservatives, but by two prominent controversial U.S. right-wing occultists?

Evangelicals were crucial for Bolsonaro’s victory, but his failure to recognize the evangelical importance is leaving his administration at the mercy of Guenonian opportunists, including Carvalho and Bannon. Sometimes in theory, he makes such recognition. In his recent visit to the U.S., he said to Pat Robertson that evangelicals were fundamental for his election. But in practice, he has given power to Carvalho.

And, yes, as confirmed now by Delegado Waldir, a prominent leader in Bolsonaro’s party, Carvalho has actually become Bolsonaro’s Rasputin. The original Rasputin kept the Russian czar, who was a conservative man, in such a spell that the Russian leader was in love with him. The result was chaos in the Russian government and, in the end, the victory of communism against a weakened Russian conservative government.

Should Brazilians expect better results while the Bolsonaro administration is under the same spell? I want to help Bolsonaro escape the tragic end that the czar had because of the original Rasputin.

I have written a number of articles about Carvalho’s wicked influence, in the hope that my warnings may awaken Bolsonaro. These warnings have annoyed Carvalho, who since January (the inauguration of Bolsonaro) has called on the Federal Police to investigate me on the allegation that accusations against him involving the Inquisition and occultism are collusions paid by the Russian government.

Yesterday, he shared a CitizenGo post asking the Bolsonaro administration to investigate “crimes” against him. Carvalho sees criticism against him as “crimes.” He has called a number of his critics, including me, as “criminals.”

He has reasons to be worried. Contrary to good conservatives, who are victims of fakenews from the left-wing media that fabricate lies and forged scandals about them, Carvalho has a history so filled with scandals, orgies, occultism, lies to his own astrology students and lawsuits from these students that the progressive press has no need to invent any fakenews about him.

Now does he want to punish those who expose his own dirty reality?

Should I remind that to justify censorship, punishment and even prison to critics, totalitarian regimes treat critics as “criminals”?

If it is a crime to say that Bolsonaro’s Rasputin defends the revisionism of the Inquisition, which tortured and killed Jews and Protestants, I am a “criminal.”

If it is a crime to expose how Bolsonaro’s Rasputin reviles evangelicals, I am a “criminal.”

If it is a crime to say that he has become Bolsonaro’s Rasputin, I am a “criminal.”

If he could, he would put all his critics in Gulags or reeducation camps.

And now that he has the power of a Rasputin over Bolsonaro, what is he going to do to Delegado Waldir, who has become a “criminal” by criticizing his vast wicked influence on Bolsonaro?

Carvalho’s specialty when he was a professional astrologer and actively involved in esoteric cults was to bewitch people. He keeps today the same specialty, including over a president.

Portuguese version of this article: Confirmado: Olavo de Carvalho é o Rasputin do presidente Jair Bolsonaro. Líder do PSL diz que Bolsonaro está apaixonado por Olavo

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