Concerned Parents of Austin Harangued by Pro-LGBT Bullies

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Concerned Parents of Austin, which includes some Mass Resistance members, held a meeting at a public library in Austin on August 12, to discuss what is being introduced in Austin schools. Caryl Ayala, Jen Delgado, and Debbie Simons gave excellent Powerpoint presentations on the harmful things going on in Austin schools. The slides are available and full of pertinent information. A group of people attended who claimed they were affiliated with the LGBT community. I was there and witnessed first hand the way these “pro-LGBT” people conducted themselves in the setting of a public education discussion.

I’ve spent decades surrounded by gay & lesbian people. Obviously not all gays act like jerks. Many of them are nice and wonderful friends & family. These folks who attended represent the worst of them-but they also represent the slice of LGBT culture that will be forced on kids through programs like Welcoming Schools. They demonstrate why the mental health profession classified homosexuality as a mental illness for so many decades prior to the 1970s. Social stigma and prejudice aside, there are many behaviors rooted in dysfunction, mental illness, and emotional abuse, which are so predominant in the LGBT culture that people engaging in such conduct think it’s normal and think people who find it abnormal have something wrong with them.

You can see very clearly how the abusive, mentally ill behaviors rampant in gay life worked their way into programs like Welcoming Schools, which seem to coach children to find grooming, ritual shaming, aggression, ganging up, peer pressure, hypersexualization, gossip, sarcasm, and emotional cruelty as normal.

I was actually mortified by the way they acted yesterday. Their conduct showed exactly why these people & their allies have no place in school whatsoever. They engaged in aggressive bullying and mental abuse in front of us, mocking people’s experiences, ganging up on people, forcing false narratives, shutting down learning, sexualizing people unfairly. They mocked people’s credentials, couldn’t understand or evaluate sources of information, couldn’t focus on one subject, and violated the basic norms of academic behavior. They interrupted people and appealed to social ostracism. Plus many of them were threatening to dox people and record them saying things they didn’t like.

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They can’t deal with their own history or intellectual origins. They erupted in rage at passages from Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 book.

At the mention of HIV infections for kids they erupted in laughter. How is that funny? At the mention of grooming they had contemptuous outbursts. Three of the most vocal women told me in a ridiculous discussion afterwards that they believed nobody is pressured to come out as gay, which is a denial of outing and grooming & the history of both forms of abuse in the gay community. It shows either willful ignorance or outright deception about the vicious treatment and legal harassment currently conducted against people who come out as gay and then later go back on that and live out a straight or celibate lifestyle. The LGBT objectors at the meeting showed no concern for kids being pressured to have sex or shamed for being virgins, which flies in the face of an enormous controversy currently raging about Title IX. One woman said, “consent is a very easy topic,” which is in fact not what we see with the massive numbers of schools embroiled in Title IX lawsuits. When I mentioned molestation they actually said, “look, if you can’t deal with who you are.” I responded, “That’s bullying-you’re bullying me.” Her friend turned and said, “don’t yell at my friend,” when her friend had been raising her voice at me.

They claimed repeatedly that children can be homosexual at ages as young as four, yet they claimed that this wasn’t “about sex.” The logical fallacy that you can discuss “being gay” without alluding to sex is utterly dangerous. It’s the style of predators. It’s basically saying that you can get vulnerable people comfortable with the identity of homosexuality without them actually realizing that you intend to accustom them to having their anus traumatized and decades of their life spent in a community with precisely this kind of behavior. The two lesbians with whom I spoke also demonstrated that they were seasoned at predatory behavior. When I discussed concerns that statistics on bullying used to include “insinuating or starting rumors that someone is gay” but I don’t see that anymore, they said, “if they’re told there’s nothing wrong with being gay, then there wouldn’t be anything wrong with insinuating that someone’s gay.” I responded, “if that activity does not make them happy, it’s harmful to tell the child they’re gay.” They said, “literally nobody is forcing people to have gay sex.” They either have no clue about the high percentage of boys who are molested by men, or they think this isn’t molestation.

This is terrifying.

The ones who feigned concern and tried to appear civil were the worst because they were engaging in the kind of emotional aggression that’s rampant in the gay community. Abusers try to draw someone close and then humiliate them publicly when it will cause the most harm. The film Mean Girls captured it most iconically.

On the scholarly side, their behavior shows the death of academic inquiry. One woman said she had four daughters in the Austin school system and she wanted all her girls to be taught about vulvas and penises at young ages. She demanded proof that sex ed led to “society’s downfall.” I stepped in and answered her that cause and effect are difficult to establish when there are so many factors like pornography and we’re talking about a massive human population reacting to complex sexualities. After saying she didn’t care about “feelings” she responded by saying “I went to Catholic school in the 1980s and if you don’t think these problems existed then” to which I answered “but there’s data. These are statistics.” They then proceeded to interrupt and claim that the data came from an illegitimate source, then had nothing to say when the data came from US federal agencies under Obama.

I was mortified by the whole event because I spent decades immersed in that community, surrounded by abusers and molesters who function precisely this way. They draw you into manipulative arguments and constantly misrepresent what you say. One woman kept saying, “we just want to show kids that gays exist and it’s okay,” when:

  1. Schools don’t exist for therapy sessions
  2. Little kids aren’t gay
  3. Gay is a sexual behavior and it’s not as simple as saying it’s “okay”
  4. We’re not trying to force people not to talk about gayness in their homes, but they’re trying to force everyone to talk about gayness in kindergarten.

They say they want to talk about gayness but then they punish anyone whose information (never mind viewpoint) does not exalt their specific and wildly misinformed bias about sexuality. I suspect one reason they want to bring up gayness all the time, especially around children, is that they experience sadistic pleasure in making people uncomfortable and intimidating people into saying things that they do not believe. It is a wonderful form of control to keep the focus set on an area where others are subject to their powers of veto, retaliation, and discipline.

Tragically, some of the people engaging in anti-academic misbehavior identified themselves as educators. One woman came claiming she was a librarian who loudly interrupted presenters. Despite being told repeatedly that questions would come at the end she kept blurting out loud irrelevant questions, one being “what is the source for that?” referring to a book with over 1,000 footnotes. This is a librarian? She doesn’t understand how to remain quiet and she doesn’t understand that a scholarly monograph has many sources, not just one? Later she came up to me to ask, “where are you a professor and what do you teach?” I told her. She scowled, “that explains a lot,” and rudely walked away. I had done nothing to treat her rudely whatsoever. But this is the kind of woman who’s running a library for little kids and dealing with their parents? The woman should not be allowed to run a library if she will encourage bullying, social shame, and stupidity in the realm she oversees-research! She also insisted that having pornographic books in a library accessible to kindergartners was harmless because “we are not censors.” So taxpayers should pay her salary and give her a fund to buy dirty books and nobody should expect that she dispense of the books responsibly.

AISD has a lot of problems.

They are completely dishonest about the kinds of bullying that accompany homosexual subculture. The outing, the pressure, the grooming, the false claims that if you’re uncomfortable with it you’re “not able to accept yourself,” the victim-blaming (they mocked someone who said he’d been molested), the constant use of peer pressure and embarrassment (two women in the back said “a majority of people in this room think you are wrong”) — these are all behaviors that are as damaging as the worst kinds of social abuse and make kids nervous, insecure, and likely to make poor sexual decisions. These are all behaviors that will not be diminished through Welcoming Schools or any other kind of pro-LGBT curriculum in existence. These are all behaviors we saw coming from people who champion and implement the policy.

All of them totally avoided the evidence Caryl Ayala provided of racism in the Welcoming Schools program, which was caught in an email requested through FOIA saying there was a problem with schools that have “too high of a Hispanic population.”

These are bad for schools.

Stop these people. Texas must stop these people!

Stop these people. Texas must stop these people!

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