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Our guest today on Faith and Freedom is Janet Boynes, founder of Janet Boynes Ministries. She has a book called Called Out, and another forth-coming book, Compassion Without Compromise. That’s the current working title. A very powerful story of her life as it went in and out of homosexuality, and was changed through the power of Jesus Christ. Lots of incredible stories that we’ve already listened to this week on Faith and Freedom.

called outWe want to now focus on the bathroom bills…the so-called transgender issues.

Mat Staver: Janet, welcome back to Faith and Freedom.

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Janet Boynes: Thanks for having me, Mat and Holly.

Mat Staver: Janet, your story is really powerful and it really is a call to the Church to be the church of Jesus Christ. To reach out. Your book really gives…the working title of the upcoming book…gives that balance of compassion without compromise. And you talked about how parents need to deal with this whenever they experience this within their own families…

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