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Would you consider the plight of a mother in a Third World country who lacks basic sanitation for her child, including a safe water supply, not to mention food security, protection from malaria, the opportunity for her child to receive an education, protection from the AIDS virus, and shelter from the elements?  Can you imagine what she thinks of America when she hears of our concern that our kids are too fat and are getting carpal tunnel syndrome while playing video games?

Consider the plight of women in China.  Can you imagine them comparing their situation to that of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who served as the poster child for our so-called war on women?  Fluke’s great complaint?  She was required to make a co-pay for her birth control.  In China, on the other hand, women must register their menstrual cycles with the government in order to confirm they are not pregnant with their second child.  If they do get pregnant again they are of course subject to a forced abortion and in some cases, forced sterilization.  This has all resulted in numerous signs of social pathology and the phenomenon known as gendercide.  In essence, women are so grieved they are committing suicide in large numbers and because boys are more valuable than girls in their society, hundreds of millions of girls have been aborted or killed after birth.

Here in America, the average person living in poverty today has a higher standard of living than did our middle class in the 1950’s.  Even our poor have cell phones, big screen televisions, satellite dish, dvd players, a washer, dryer and personal automobile.  Exposes have demonstrated that some have used their electronic benefit payments (we don’t call it welfare anymore) on cruise ships and at casinos!  Compare that to the billions of people in the world who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  They have no electricity and no access to health care.  Some abandon their children in the street because they can’t care for them and don’t know what else to do.  In essence, most of the rest of the world has not achieved the standard of living we had during the great depression!

Contrast this despair of life to the angst manifested by activists railing against our standards of living and our means of production.  Construed as a negative, they try to regulate to death the sources and means of our abundance to the harm and dismay of the world’s impoverished masses who would consider it a blessing to feed off of our crumbs.

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It is shameful that these activists, while live in security and luxury in a land of plenty, magnify our problems as being eminent and pressing.  The world would be a better place if they spent their time and energy sharing our means to produce food, energy, shelter and infrastructure with the rest of mankind.  They would save lives and fulfill a truly noble calling.

This column was first published in the Santa Barbara News Press. 

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