Compared to Some European Leaders, Trump Approval Ratings Towering

Democrats and mainstream media have regularly touted how low President Donald Trump’s approval ratings are.

First of all, they usually report on polls conducted by anti-Trump liberal organizations who conduct their polls in heavily Democratic areas such as the inner regions of large cities.

Other, more unbiased polls have revealed that Trump ha had higher approval ratings than Barack Obama during the same periods of his first term.

The mainstream media also portrays Trump as being worse than most other leaders, especially, European leaders.

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Yet, when compared to some of European leaders, Trump’s approval ratings tower over that of the Europeans.

Fox News – Despite heat at home, Trump approval ratings tower above embattled European leaders’ – President Trump routinely takes grief from the pundits for his underwater approval ratings – but compared with some of his embattled European counterparts, facing civil unrest in the streets and internal government tensions, the U.S. president is riding high.

While Trump’s approval ratings have hovered well below 50 percent ever since he took office, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May are nowhere close to that right now.

Macron’s political troubles were dramatically exposed over the last two weeks, as rioters burned cars and looted stores in response to his push for gas taxes to fight climate change.

On Tuesday, the widespread violence prompted Macron to delay the fuel tax by at least six months…

To be honest, when I look at the leadership of Europe, America and the rest of the world, I can’t help but realize that the entire world is in deep trouble.

Worse yet, is that most of the world’s leaders have no clue as to why.

As a Christian, it is easy to see that as nations turn away from God and His statutes found in the Bible, the more decadent, dictatorial and ugly the world gets.

While they are all pointing fingers at each other and everyone else, they don’t’ understand that the problem is a spiritual one that manifests itself in all aspects of life.



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