What the Common Core Will Do to Colleges

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Here is the John Locke Foundation’s George Leef introducing the MindingTheCampus.com article excerpted below:

Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, has done a lot of work examining Common Core and in this piece he explains what it will accomplish: a general dumbing-down of our schools.

This is a typical “progressive” Trojan Horse — smuggling in an egalitarian agenda under the guise of making more students “college ready.”

What America needs is a separation of school and state. Common Core takes us in exactly the opposite direction.

By Peter Wood

Despite all the hype, changes in the SAT, announced on March 5 by the College Board, are really just an adjustment to the on-going decline in the nation’s public schools–a smaller vocabulary, less advanced math, no penalty for bad guessing. The new SAT is simply an outgrowth of, and accommodation to, the Common Core–the controversial K-12 curriculum being implemented in states that accept it that has the potential to reinforce the lowering of standards on college campuses.

The Common Core K-12 State Standards amount to an assault on the college curriculum. That’s because colleges will have to adapt to what the Common Core teaches–and what it fails to teach. It teaches a mechanical way of reading that is poorly suited to literature, philosophy, history, and the rest of the liberal arts. It also fails to teach the math students need to begin a college-level curriculum in the sciences.

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The Common Core has aroused a broad-based and sometimes furious reaction among Americans across the political spectrum. The furor, however, isn’t yet focused on what the Common Core does to a college education. Rather, the complaints focus on the immediate harm to students and to schools. The arguments against Common Core have proliferated almost beyond counting, but the short version is something like this:

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