Commentator Blames Trump for Border Mess

Believe it or not, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner wrote a piece in which he blames President Donald Trump for the mess at the border.

He also wrote that no new replacement for DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will make any difference on the border mess.

My question to that commentary writer, Eddie Scarry, is where he has had his head over the last decade concerning border politics?

For eight years, Barack Obama refused to allow Border Patrol to fully enforce federal immigration laws.

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For eight years, Barack Obama refused to secure the border and allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants to illegally enter the US.

President Trump has been trying to secure the border and stop the flood of illegal aliens, illegal drugs, dangerous gang members, violent criminals and terrorists, but Democrats have been trying to block his every effort to stop the ‘border mess’.

Washington Examiner – It’s Trump’s fault that the border is a mess and no new DHS secretary will change that – President Trump is never going to find whatever magic fix he’s searching for in a new secretary of Homeland Security.

Kirstjen Nielsen, who resigned from the department Sunday after months of reports that the president was dissatisfied with her work, isn’t responsible for the chaos at the border. More than two years into his presidency, the blame is solely on Trump.

It’s Trump who promised to build a wall. It’s Trump who railed against the gang members, drug traffickers, and rapists taking advantage of lax border security to enter the country. It’s Trump who won a national election, against all odds, in large part for declaring that he could bring order to our jungle of an immigration system.

And it’s Trump who has squandered all of his political capital, plus two years of his party fully in control of Congress, on a lazy tax cut and an ill-fated attempt to repeal Obamacare. (And guess what he’s doing now? Still trying to repeal Obamacare!)…

If Eddie Scarry had been paying any attention to border politics for the past decade, he would know that the mess is solely the fault of Democrats.

He would also know that Trump is trying to do everything he can to fix the mess created by Democrats.

Blaming Trump for the border mess is like blaming Mother Teresa for the poor people she tried to help.

Blaming Trump of the border mess is like blaming Israel for the actions of ISIS.



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