Comey Running Scared, Trying to Quash GOP Congressional Subpoena

If former FBI Director James Comey was totally innocent and had nothing to hide, there should be no reason why he is working so hard to fight a congressional subpoena.

Congressional Republicans want Comey to appear before them and testify as to what really happened with the Hillary Clinton email scandal and other matters surrounding the 2016 elections.

Like so many others, Democrats and Republicans, Comey claims he did nothing wrong and if he is telling the truth now, then why is he afraid to testify before Congress?

On Thursday, Comey filed a motion to quash the congressional subpoena, claiming that the House Republicans are setting him up.

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The Washington Times – James Comey files case against House Republicans to stop subpoena – Former FBI Director James B. Comey filed a motion Thursday to quash the subpoena forcing him to testify behind closed doors next week to the House, saying such secret testimony violates Congress’s own rules.

GOP chairmen, who are about to lose power in the new Congress in January, are trying to bring Mr. Comey to Capitol Hill to explain his decisions related to the 2016 election, particularly investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of her personal email and the probe into Russian activities during the campaign.

Mr. Comey says in the court filings he’d be willing to talk publicly but said the closed-door session the House has planned is a set-up.

He said he fears lawmakers will emerge to “peddle a distorted, partisan political narrative about the Clinton and Russian investigations through selective leaks.” …

For one thing, I would ask Comey to explain how he knew nothing about the concerted effort by members of the FBI and DOJ (including Lisa Page and Peter Strzok) to prevent Trump from becoming president and then to hinder his position, and yet was reportedly keeping Barack Obama informed on a regular basis?

They need to ask him why he allowed then FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to have an integral role in the Clinton email investigation with the perceived conflict of interest with McCabe’s wife’s political campaign and Clinton supporters.

Comey’s petition to quash the subpoena is nothing more than a delay tactic (like what Senate Democrats tried with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings) to delay until Democrats take over control of the House at which time Comey will be off the hook.



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