College Is Dumb

For those of us who know how much of a scam college has become, I have to say the admissions racket was made to order.

For the cave dwellers among us, here’s what happened (edits mine):

Federal prosecutors accused top CEOs, two Hollywood actresses (Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughin) and a legendary fashion designer of taking part in an audacious scheme to get their children into elite universities through fraud, bribes and lies. Of the 32 parents named in the FBI affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Boston, more than half stand accused of conspiring to bribe their way into USC.

Apparently, prep schools have been subpoenaed so it’s a safe bet more charges are coming.

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All of this – the scandal itself, the fake apoplexy through the mainstream media, etc. – is weapons-grade stupid. By the way, FBI agents had their guns drawn to arrest Felicity Huffman. Don’t these people know how much Hollywood hates guns?

FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller responded: “The size of the arrest team that executed the warrant at defendant Huffman’s location is consistent with the size of the teams that executed warrants at all of the arrest locations today (13 locations) and is the average size of an arrest team at any planned arrest warrant.

At least they’re equal opportunity field agents.

I’m not saying what they did wasn’t wrong. They all committed fraud, and we won’t see the end of this ripple affect for years. I am saying, however, is that none of these people are getting anywhere near the return on investment they think they are (were) getting.

The tuition at my alma mater, St. John’s University in MN, was $6,500 in the fall of 1987. It’s now over $40,000. Properly adjusted for inflation in today’s dollars, the bill should be ~$15,000. Did the value of a bachelor’s degree keep pace with this ridiculous price?

No way.

So, these people paid up to $6,000,000 for the privilege of paying over $46,000 a year at a university like Stanford so, in their social circles, they can claim their sons and daughters “are matriculating at [insert Ivy League school while holding nose in the air].”

Friends, there is no better example of the fraud that is the college experience than this. As everyone knows, time flies. You have your children for only 17 to 18 years. There isn’t a lot of time to ensure they maintain the proper values you worked hard to impart to them.

When you send your offspring to college, as Dennis Prager says, “You’re playing Russian Roulette with their values.” They will likely emerge from these indoctrination camp dumber, irreligious, and completely lacking in wisdom to live a good life.

There are vocations that require a formal education so if you must attend an accredited school, pick the closest and cheapest. The proximity will aid you in helping them maintain some semblance of reality, and it’s clearly pointless to spend more than a few thousand a year on what amounts to four or five-years of nothing but drinking and America-hating leftism.

The better, two options are making your kids work at least a year or two before going to college (nothing like living in the real world to gain perspective), or the military. I prefer the latter.

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