CNN Grooms Conservatives to Denounce Mike Pence

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As the Democrat-Media Complex plays conservatives for fools for the umpteenth time by getting them to call for Donald Trump to exit the race, CNN is beginning to demonize Mike Pence as worse-than-Hitler so it can get conservatives to denounce him too in case he becomes the GOP nominee for president.

The puppets and subversives that make up conservatism are busy calling for Donald Trump to exit the presidential race because their progressive masters have told them to do so. Meanwhile, the same conservatives have not called on child-abuse advocate Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the election.

Conservative calls for Trump to exit the race coincide with rumblings of having Mike Pence replace him as the head of the ticket. Conservatives, being the idiots they are, think that the Democrat-Media Complex will respect them and Pence if they do so. They are, of course, wrong.

CNN published, “Mike Pence has own woes with women,” on Oct. 8. This is a first step in the predictable process to rebrand him as a Nazi if necessary.

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In Congress, Pence was at the forefront of a conservative effort to block any federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood because the organization – which provides women with cancer screenings, counseling services and tests – also provides abortions. . . .

When he campaigned for governor in 2012, Pence largely avoided talk of any hot-button social issues, including same-sex marriage and abortion. But as governor he has not shied away from those issues, notably stumbling in the polls after he signed a “religious freedom” bill last year.

As has been the case for decades, there is no candidate the Republican Party can put up for president that the Democrat-Media Complex won’t turn into evil incarnate. And yet conservatives and the GOP fall for this war strategy every time.

So have fun with getting rid of Trump for the “respectable” Pence, conservatives! You’ll soon be calling him terrible too because that’s what the Democrat-Media Complex will tell you to think!

One final note: CNN authors Tom LoBianco and Eric Bradner end their hit piece on Pence with this paragraph.

But that bill quickly drew a snarky campaign by women protesters called “Periods for Pence” – including a woman inviting Pence to her appointment with her gynecologist, an update from one woman about her cramps and other personal details about their periods.

That’s the kind of civility, respectability, and non-vulgarity that Trump lacks!

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