CNN commentator ‘disappointed with women’ for backing affirmative action ban

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Law professor and CNN commentator Gloria Browne-Marshall declared she was “disappointed with women” who backed Michigan’s affirmative action ban, upheld Tuesday by the Supreme Court.

She suggested that women and minorities are facing the same institutional discrimination and are both “trying to squeeze through the same little crack in the opportunity door.”

Browne-Marshall spoke with CNN host Carol Costello and law professor Jonathan Turley about the 6-2 decision, which affirmed a state’s right to forbid affirmative action policies from pubic universities.

Turley noted the decision has “given the opponents to the use of this criteria a very new avenue to take this into their own hands . . . This opinion is suggesting that voters can actually make this decision.”

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“So then I can really see what you’re talking about now,” Costello said. “That voters could, I dunno, they could vote down so many other things that they don’t particularly like, right?”

“Yes!” Browne-Marshall responded. “I mean, if you think about any minority group — and I’m disappointed with women, and I understand from the Grutter case and, of course, Fisher from last year, that we have a number of women — white women — saying we should be in these particular positions and we’re not being allowed to be in these particular positions.”

She noted that the Civil Rights Act, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, was designed to protect women as well as racial minorities.

“And it seems as though there’s this conflict now between this majority — 51 percent are women who are white — and these people of color, and we’re all trying to squeeze through the same little crack in the opportunity door,” she claimed. “And the Supreme Court is basically saying, well, minority groups do have to kinda step back.”

“If the people have the right — the majority rule — it could include any people, any discernible characteristic that the people may believe should not be taken into account in deciding school today,” she lamented. “And who knows what it might be tomorrow?”

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