Clinton, Trump in Dead Heat For White House Before First Debate

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In less than 36 hours Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will meet for their first debate and according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll, the candidates are in a virtual dead heat in the race for the White House.

Among likely voters Clinton and Trump are split respectively at 46 and 44 percent. Clinton’s former advantage has fallen after recent health concerns. Meanwhile, Trump has improved as he has stepped up efforts to appeal to minority voters and to present himself as a more disciplined candidate, The Washington Times reports.

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson is at 5 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein remains at 1 percent.

Among registered voters, the presidential candidates are tied at 41 percent, making Monday night’s matchup a highly anticipated event.

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According to poll results 8 out of 10 voters plan to watch Monday night’s debate. 44 percent of viewers expect Clinton to win while 34 percent of viewers are expecting Trump to come out ahead.

Although viewers will be tuning in to see what the candidates have to say on issues like the economy, terrorism, education, and immigration, many believe they lack honesty.

33 percent of voters believe Clinton is honest and trustworthy, while 62 percent say she is not.

Trump seems to have earned back some trust from voters as poll number show an 11 percent increase, from 42 percent to 53 percent.

Even with a slight improvement in numbers, both candidates continued to be negatively viewed by voters.

57 percent of registered voters have an unfavorable impression of Clinton, while 39 percent have a favorable impression.

For Trump, the results are comparable: 38 percent see him positively, 57 percent negatively, according to The Washington Post.

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