Clerk Gains National Attention Defending Religious Freedom

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Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis, has attracted national attention over the issue of same sex marriage. But for Kim, the matter is regarding religious freedom.

Mat Staver: Matt, this Kim Davis is a lady who has worked in the Kentucky county, Rowan county clerk’s office of for 27 years. In 2014 she became elected as the chief clerk of the county. She lives in that county. She has only lived in that county.

She loves the people. Loves her job. She never envisioned herself being involved in this national spotlight over the matter of marriage. But on June 26th, all of that changed, when the Supreme Court, five lawyers on the Supreme Court issued the opinion with regards to marriage. So now she has been in the spotlight, and there is the focus on her about issuing a same sex marriage license.

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For Kim Davis she says it’s never been about individual people. It’s never been a gay or lesbian issue in her word. She says it’s only about her religious freedom. It’s about her being able to stay true to her Lord, to the Bible, and to her conscience. And that’s what the issue is.

And when you look at some of the facts in this case, you realize that this agenda is not just about having same-sex marriage, it’s about crushing religious freedom. Kim’s case really focuses that particular point.

Matt Barber: Yea Mat, we hate to be proven right with something like this where we have said over the years that’s what this whole agenda is all about, this homosexualist agenda, this so-called marriage equality agenda.

It has nothing to do with two men or two women being able to get married, something that of course is inherently impossible, that defies the very definition of what marriage is and has always been. But rather, it is an attempt to strong-arm, particularly Christians, into capitulation and into celebration of the homosexual lifestyle.

Kim Davis here is merely saying “I hold the First Amendment sacrosanct, my First Amendment liberties have not changed since these five extremist attorneys came down with this silly opinion that is not rooted in law or the Constitution, or history or anything else.

She says, “No…when I took my oath it was to the Constitution and to the constitution of Kentucky,” which, incidentally not a word has changed and the legislature hasn’t passed a law legalizing so-called gay marriage in Kentucky. 

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