Clear Disagreement on Therapy, Abortion

By Charlie Butts

Political observers are weighing in on the differences between the Republican and Democratic platforms on two hot-button issues – both of which have eternal consequences.

Republicans want to restore the right of parents to seek professional help for a child with same-sex attractions. In contrast, liberals in numerous states have been pushing a ban on therapy for children, claiming that it harms them and effectively stripping parents and the children of the right to make the choice.

Matt Barber, founder of and a constitutional attorney, explains to OneNewsNow the impact of a ban.
Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)
“Even if a child has been sexually assaulted by someone like a Jerry Sanduski,” he begins, “and [if] that leads to unwanted same-sex attraction and behaviors, [a ban on therapy means] that child cannot get to the root of the cause of that sexual ‘orientation,’ which is sexual assault at the hands of a male pervert.”

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California and New Jersey have laws on the books that ban licensed counselors from providing the counseling. Barber laments both the near- and long-term consequences.

“Regrettably, sadly, outrageously the Left has had success in freezing people and pigeonholing children into a self-destructive lifestyle that separates them eternally from God and is at odds with their therapeutic goals,” the family advocate offers.

The 2016 Republican Party platform addresses the issue head-on* in committing the party to restore the right of parents and children to obtain the therapy and the right of counselors to practice their craft. Democrats, however, are considering a proposal for Congress to pass a national ban on the counseling.

Dems extreme on abortion

In addition to the Democratic Party’s liberal stance on reparative therapy, the party has evolved to the point it has the most pro-abortion stance ever that flies in the face of some of its constituents – that’s according to the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List.

The Democrats’ platform includes provisions that call for abortion on demand, regardless of the stage of pregnancy; and repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits use of federal tax dollars for abortion. Mallory Quigley of the Susan B. Anthony List points out that a new K of C-Marist Poll released this week shows a sizeable majority of Americans are opposed to late-term abortions.
Quigley, Mallory (SBA List)
“Seventy-eight percent of people would limit abortion to, at the most, the first three months of pregnancy – and the majority of Americans also oppose taxpayer funding of abortion,” she notes. “That’s 62 percent overall; and the issue even splits people who consider themselves pro-choice and Democrats.”

That leads the pro-life spokeswoman to believe that plank in the party platform is even opposed by many Democrats – and to conclude that the party has evolved into the most pro-abortion stance ever, including taxpayers footing the bill and with a strong partnership with Planned Parenthood.

“[Democrats] are denying their heritage and their history, which in decades past was about protecting the little guy, standing up for the less fortunate,” she offers. “But they have completely eschewed this responsibility when it comes to the unborn [by supporting] all abortions, up to the moment of birth.”

Quigley says that’s dramatically out of step with America. The leaders of major abortion groups have been among the speakers at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

* Page 37, under “Great American Families, Education, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice,” subsection “Protecting Individual Conscience in Healthcare.”

First published at One News Now

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