‘Churchquake’: Aftershocks from Homosexual Caucus’ Embrace of Perverse Agenda

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Yes, there is a homosexual “slippery slope,” and behind closed doors, a “gay” rights advocacy group was actually caught red-handed admitting to as much.

Over the past Labor Day weekend, the pro-“gay” Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) held a shocking four day sin-fest called Churchquake: Embracing Freedom convocation.  The epicenter of their tectonic thrust for deviancy was Chevy Chase, Maryland. Alexander Griswold, a research assistant at the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), attended the raunchy event and provided two jaw-dropping reports into their devious, destructive agenda.  In his FIRST ARTICLE, he describes, “What I Didn’t See,” and his SECOND ARTICLE, he shares, What I Did See.” 

John Lomperis, another IRD representative, also provided further commentary on what occurred in his ARTICLE entitled, Facepalm Friday:  Gay Methodist Caucus Embraces Promiscuity.  Read these columns and you’ll get a sneak peak into the dark world of homosexual activism when they think nobody’s watching them.  These reports should send any Christian’s moral seismographic needle off the Richter Scale.

For a group clamoring for complete “inclusion” (code language for the acceptance of their sin), the convocation was quite a closed affair for “outsiders.”   Griswold had very limited access to all of the venues, and there were actually “closed session” presentations that he was, in fact, barred from attending.  

“The RMN brochure also noted that members of the press could have their access revoked at any time at their sole discretion.  All this from a group that purports to be a welcoming organization.”

And for good reason!  As Griswold and Lomperis would later discover, the RMN, and other groups like them, have a great deal to hide.

Why so secretive, you ask?  Because although they publicly scoff at our assertions of the “slippery slope,” privately they are plotting that very thing.   Perhaps they don’t like the “slippery slope” analogy because, based on the Churchquake subject matter, they prefer to refer to it as a nosedive off a “catastrophic cliff.”


I was specifically banned from attending the evening entertainment.  As the IRD’s John Lomperis noted earlier this year, RMN proudly advertised that they would be featuring a drag queen at the convocation.


Regarding two workshops on transgendered children (that Griswold didn’t get to see), ‘I personally find the notion that children too young to spell “transgender” can choose their gender identity to be an unusual one, but I was definitely interested in hearing the opposing view articulated.’

Rather than saying that people could use the bathroom they identify with, Churchquake removed all gender distinctions from their bathrooms entirely.


One of the secret workshop leaders, Jamie Michaels, framed ‘polyamory’ and ‘kink’ as among the non-traditional sexual orientations/identities that the church should celebrate.


An RMN activist named Kari Collins tweeted from the conference (perhaps quoting one of the secret workshop speakers) that “[i]t is important that sex workers [i.e., prostitutes] have the chance to practice justice and mercy in their own work” and that “we have (closeted) sex workers in our movement.”


Daily Bible studies were led by Peterson Toscano, a “gay” comedian and Christian actor who uses his acting to give a unique spin on Bible stories. Typically, he would take a verse and explain how, if you look close enough, there was a “gender non-conforming or gender variant” character in Bible.

The RMN undoubtedly pushed all of the sexual boundaries at Churchquake as they seek to sabotage the foundations of moral sanity.  It certainly wasn’t your Grandma’s Sunday school class…to say the very least!

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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