Christmas Grinches Have Returned This Year

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Christmas grinches have returned this year trying to have “Bah humbug!” against Christmas celebrations. This one now is in Concord, Indiana, and a lawsuit was filed by Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU to try to stop a 30 year old Christmas spectacular performance. The federal government is blackmailing Virginia’s largest school district into adopting a “so-called” transsexual policy in their school.

Mat Staver: On October 15 Liberty Counsel sent out a press release when we learned about this lawsuit that was filed against the Concord Community School District and we offered to represent the school district at no cost. The school district chose to use its own private insurance counsel, and they defended this lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU.

And a few days ago a judge said the baby Jesus in the live nativity scene cannot be part of this 30 year Christmas spectacular. This is a sad situation. We pray that on appeal this case is overturned. Certainly we stand ready to do anything we can to assist or defend this school or other around the country.

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Matt Barber: Well, Mat, time is of the essence here. They’ve done this every year for 30 years. The Supreme Court has spoken on this issue already. The ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and an activist judge can’t overturn the U.S. Supreme Court. Can’t overturn the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. More and more we are seeing hostility toward the First Amendment…

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