Christmas Grinches Have Begun Early

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The Christmas Grinches have begun early this year and Liberty Counsel is ready to fight back.

Mat Staver: Matt, a number of years ago Liberty Counsel launched the “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign” designed to educate, and if necessary, to litigate, to make sure the essence of Christmas, the religious Christian viewpoints of Christmas are not censored from the marketplace.

Well, it seems as though the grinches of Christmas are coming early this year, because, in Indiana we have now offered to represent the Concord Community School District free of charge after The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU sued the school recently to end its 30-year-old Christmas Spectacular program. And this is just one of these efforts by these radically secularist groups that want to cleanse Christian viewpoints from Christmas that we need to continue to combat.

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Matt BarberYea Mat, they’re more than just secularists groups, these groups, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU are really extremist organizations. At the core, at the heart of their mission is that they are anti-Christian, specifically. They’re anti-religion in general, but they’re anti-Christian specifically.

The name of this organization, “The Freedom From Religion Foundation” says it all. What these organizations are engaging in is religious cleansing. The want the free exercise of Christianity to be purged from our culture.


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