Christians, Common Core & Malcolm X

We are not experts, but my wife and I have taken substantial time looking into Common Core curriculum. We’ve long been concerned about public education turning from teaching learning skills to indoctrinating students to become Leftists.

Proof came home to roost, once again, recently.

Our son is a senior in high school. A recent assignment in government class on the subject of good citizenship—-read an excerpt from a speech made by Barack Obama in 2005 at Knox College, and answer questions listed on a handout.  The excerpt focuses on the end of the speech.  Here is the entire text.

Obama’s speech, couching in flowery, traditionalist terms, even invoking God, essentially informs students good citizenship entails community organizing to promote income redistribution, government intervention in virtually all aspects of life, the furtherance of the welfare state, secularism, collectivism, social justice and activism. Like all Leftists, Obama knew then as he knows now, effective propaganda requires professional deception. He is an accomplished professional.

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Most troubling, half the country swallows Obama’s bilge, and worse, the federal government, through Common Core, is force feeding that bilge to our children.

The assignment given to our son asks questions filling two pages. Not one of those questions adequately challenges the student to engage critical thinking.  Not one of the questions invites deep analysis of Obama’s arguments, presuppositions, assertions and conclusions.  Rather, the questions are designed to have the student regurgitate Obama’s statements, affirming them by repetition, an exercise in memorization. There is no effort to ask about other definitions of citizenship or broaden the inquiry beyond Mr. Obama’s treatise.

The end result: Barack Obama’s definition of citizenship, one that completely ignores or contradicts the Founders, one that denies all aspects of traditionalism, becomes the students’ definition of citizenship—INDOCTRINATION ACHIEVED.

Obama’s speech is 180 degrees out of phase with Justice Clarence Thomas’s commencement speech this year, available here, a speech promoting traditional Americanism, patriotism and good citizenship as defined by individual responsibility, respect for the rule of law and morality, informed participation as a serious voter, devotion to the principles of liberty found in the Declaration, respect for the Constitution, and the sense of service cherished by adults of good will acting voluntarily without coercion.

Justice Thomas promotes the idea good people make good citizens, and good people become good by denying themselves in order to serve others, by doing what is right instead of indulging themselves, by living up to sacred obligations rather than tearing down society with demands and grievances.

You have no doubt noticed, in our day, Justice Thomas is vilified while Mr. Obama is exalted.

Meanwhile students are indoctrinated in various ways, daily, by Common Core curriculum. They are taught to hate traditional Americanism, and embrace collectivism, communism, anti-constitutionalism and all manner of immorality, from publicly-funded abortion on demand, to homosexuality, and the teaching of anal and oral sex to little kids in grade school.

Did you also know Islam and Sharia are being promoted in our public schools, under the guise of multiculturalism?

However, if anyone takes one step toward sharing principles from the Judeo-Christian tradition (proven successful for centuries) he is immediately slapped down, accused of violating separation of church and state, a false accusation. Such interventions by government to silence freedom of speech and thought are a violation of the Constitution in the view of those familiar with the 1st Amendment, its history and intent.

Still, most Christians working in the public schools don’t seem to be doing anything to stem these tides of evil, and most Christians pastors are not saying anything about these matters, nor have they been very supportive, generally speaking, of private Christian education.

So we send our kids off to high school and college after years of financing the brainwashing, accomplices in indoctrination, and we are surprised when they come home angry atheists, raging against the church and the country?

My wife summed it up very nicely by quoting Malcolm X:  “Only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children.”

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