Christianity Basics: What Is a Real Christian and How Should They Act?

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By Mitch Graves

So I just read this article about a “Christian” who was sexually assaulted as a teen. This “Christian” was at a wild party, was BARELY a teenager, and was drunk. Hmmmm?

So let’s get something straight here: I don’t know this person, so all I share next is not about them.

In Islam, and most other cults you can simply claim you are a member of that cult and POOF! you are. No one can prove you are not. Those cults do not have tests or the like to prove it.

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Christianity, REAL Christianity as delineated in the Word of God, has some very specific things one must do to qualify as a Christian. Furthermore, God has specifically given ways for others to test and verify that you are what you claim.

Take note:
In the best studies on “who is saved’ done in the US, investigators have found that between 5% and 10% of those who CLAIM to be Christians are actually saved; ie, have done as God’s Word directs to be saved.

One does NOT qualify as Christian because they say so, or were raised being told so, or go to church, or got baptized, or pray 10 times a day, or go to confession, etc.

There is only one way that one becomes an actual Christian and that is God’s way.

What makes libs hate REAL Christians so much?

REAL Christians get that they must give up their worldview and accept and promote God’s worldview. REAL Christians are not unclear or ambiguous about abortion, or perversion, or drunkenness, etc, etc, because God is so very clear. And REAL Christians know that God tells us to be clear in all we say and do.

We real Christians are acutely aware of how the media so desperately wants to drag the image of real Christians down into the muck. We have seen them pass off their own ilk as us far too many times.

Like children, the left believes, that it behooves them to denigrate and belittle others, especially Christians or those who claim to be. Every time someone goes on a killing spree, or does anything overtly evil they rush in and try to connect them to the GOP, conservatives, and Christianity. If they get the GOP connection it is almost always a RINO, If they get a “Christian” connection it is their definition in most cases and seldom an actual saved person. They almost never get the last two.

History is chocked full of people using the name of God, Christ, the Bible, as part of their persona, sales pitch, an excuse for doing this or that, etc.

The life and behavior of this person seems to consistently reveal a low regard for God’s Word and commands. Possibly they very spiritually immature, or in rebellion to the Lord?

Who knows? Perhaps they are growing and maturing? Perhaps they have come to realize God does not wink at sin and that He does demand repentance of those who are His.

Hopefully, this person will not be in the large number who come before the Father when it is their time saying “LORD LORD” and have to hear Him say:

“Go away from Me, I never knew you!”

I pray to God this person is not one of those.

But that is between them and the Lord.

Either way, I would like the press to stop bandying the term ‘Christian’ around when they have such a tenuous grasp on it’s meaning.

And I would like those who are of God to start to stand up and represent Him when those serving the father of lies do this.

Let us act as if we are the body of Christ. You know the guy right?

The one who called the religious fakers ‘snakes’ and ‘dogs’. The one who used a whip on those trying to profit off using God?

Stop being mealy-mouthed and start standing up for the same standards as did our Lord.

It’s not like He made that optional, is it?

We shouldn’t be surprised when we see the leftist MSM promote white women as black or native American, and pretend there are countless genders, while at the same time claiming to reverence science.

Liars gonna lie. But we are supposed to spread the truth. We should agree on God’s standards and be particularly aggressive when we are being dragged into some worldly perversion of what they wish was Christianity.

Last week a pastor I oversee came to me wondering if he needed to repent because he aggressively stood up to three drunks at an MLB game. Their bad words didn’t bother him but the fact that he saw mothers and kids being very troubled did. A godly and righteous indignation filled him and he laid into them verbally (though he was expecting it could become physical). They shut up and then left. I told him I was proud of him. He was salt; he was light. He stood up to the fools and it bore such good fruit that when the idiots left the people applauded. Much of the world desperately wants people to stand up to the liars and idiots all around us.

Be one of those who does!

You will be amazed that God will help you. As you step out of your boat of silence and security and take on the stupidity and evil, God will give you strength, direction, and wisdom.

My daughter was at the Olympic Training Center for years. When she arrived she was almost immediately mistreated. She could not begin to witness to 99% of those around her but she stood up to the lies. She held fast to God’s standards. She refused to be manipulated into bad behaviors. She openly told them she didn’t date and other such stuff. She invited them to church. She didn’t cower or just pretend to be sweet and ignore the idiocy.

A few days ago she started listing all those who she trained with who now profess Christ! People who had no use for her most of her time there because she would not live as they did. But as much as they disliked her they knew she spoke truth and opposed evil and lies.
She had no idea how her open and aggressive testimony was getting to those around her.

Of course, we need to pray for wisdom and to be led by His Spirit, but He has promised you wisdom if you ask, and if you believe He grants it. Ask and choose to believe He keeps His Word.

It is time for all of us to stand up in every place we can against the lies. We don’t have to try and convert everyone. We just have to oppose the darkness and the light will fill the area.

You are called to be warriors. Pick up that sword and start swinging. It’s actually a lot more fun than being a victim all of the time. And it is a great way to see God start using you and working HIS will through your obedience.

Put on your helmet and get off the bench. God has stuff for you to do.

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