Christian Talk Show Hosts Await Apology

By Jody Brown

Several leaders in Christian talk-radio sought an apology from a Southern Baptist spokesman for his recent critical comments, but it’s doubtful they’ll get it.

OneNewsNow— While speaking last month in Nashville, Dr. Russell Moore – president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention – complained of Christian talk-radio personalities and programs that “condemn sinners” without offering “mercy in Christ,” according to Baptist Press.


“… [I]f all that I knew of Christianity was what I heard on Christian talk-radio, I’d hate it, too,” he stated. “If the call to repentance does not end with the invitation that is grounded in the bloody cross and the empty tomb of Jesus, we are speaking a different word than the Word that we have been given.”

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His comments caught the attention of Richard P. Bott III, president of the Bott Radio Network, who penned a letter to Moore earlier this month calling for an apology.

“Assuming you spoke from ignorance,” read the letter, “I am eager to offer you an opportunity to apologize for this serious and inexplicable misstatement, with our [Bott Radio Network] Christian Talk Radio platform of 95 radio stations plus multiple digital new media outlets with worldwide reach.”

According to the Baptist Press report, Christian talk-show hosts Bryan Fischer (American Family Radio) and Janet Mefferd (syndicated out of Dallas, TX) also challenged Moore’s comments (listen to Mefferd’s response below).

In an interview posted Thursday, Moore said no apology is needed:

“I’m not taking any course of action except to reiterate what I said, which is to say we must be the people who hold both truth and grace together. And we must be the people who speak both of repentance from sin and of the invitation to mercy found in Jesus Christ.”

The ERLC president also stated that critics of his comments should recognize that he wasn’t referencing every Christian talk-radio program, and that no one in the room in Nashville misunderstood what he was saying.

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