Christian Prof. Calls Out Universities on Intolerance

Expressing beliefs as a Christian can send you to prison in parts of the world and recently landed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in jail in the United States.

Another area of the culture war over faith is in schools and colleges. One man knows that battle well: Dr. Mike Adams, author of Letters to a Young Progressive and criminology professor at UNC-Wilmington.

Adams said from the time of his hiring in 1993, he was praised and promoted. But that stopped when he converted from atheism to Christianity in 2000.

Following this he became an outspoken critic of intolerance in higher education.

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“The whole business about diversity and tolerance on college campuses is very false. It’s very one dimensional,” he said. “So I spoke out. As a result of that, a few years later I was denied a promotion to full professor.”

“Disagreeing with an accomplished professor’s religious and political views is no grounds for denying him a promotion,” attorney Travis Barham, with the Alliance Defending Freedom, said.

In 2013, a federal court found enough evidence supporting his claim to warrant a trial. And in March of 2014 the federal jury ruled in his favor.

Report via CBN News

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