Why is The Christian Post Espousing Un-Biblical Leftism in Brazil?

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The U.S. version of The Christian Post website rightly addressed the recent World Vision flap on gay “marriage” by quoting prominent evangelical leaders. Their responses were mostly conservative and biblically sound. The first World Vision (WV) stance favoring faux marriage was universally rebuked among conservative Christians. World Vision’s repentance was welcomed.

In no way did the Christian Post U.S.A. condemn these conservative leaders and their views.

In a strange twist, the Brazilian branch of The Christian Post decided not only to publish nothing from its U.S. branch on the WV flap, but it also addressed the WV scandal from an unBiblical, liberal viewpoint. The only article by the Brazilian Christian Post on this issue was “Obsessão evangélica sobre homossexualidade está fora de controle, relata autora” (Evangelical Obsession about Homosexuality Is Out of Control, Says Author), by Luciano Portela.

The author is Rachel Held Evans, who in a recent CNN article said, “I then felt betrayed when World Vision backtracked” on “gay marriage.”

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In this article, she condemned conservative evangelicals such as Albert Mohler and the Assemblies of God denomination for their opposition to the initial WV pro-“gay marriage” decision.

Evans’ liberalism is obvious. In her personal blog, she said, “As I advocated for the election (and re-election) of President Obama, I confess I grew somewhat embarrassed by the pro-life cause.” Of course, Obama is an avid advocate of “gay marriage” and abortion.

Evans is a columnist in the leftist Huffington Post. She is scheduled to be a speaker at the Festival of Faith & Writing, April 10-12, 2014. The event, which purposes to train a new generation of Christian writers, will be held by Calvin College, which is connected with the Christian Reformed Church.

Portela, the journalist for the Brazilian Christian Post, kept quiet about the endemic liberalism among many American Calvinists in his “Evangelical Obsession about Homosexuality Is Out of Control, Says Author” article.

He also kept quiet about the church affiliation of Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision. Stearns attends the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A (PCUSA), a notoriously counter-Biblical wing of the Presbyterian denomination.

Most Brazilian evangelicals, even Presbyterians, do not know that PCUSA is pro-sodomy, liberal, anti-Israel, pro-abortion, etc. In fact, a while ago a Presbyterian minister in Brazil told me that he did not know that PCUSA was so liberal.

If Portela did not quote prominent U.S. evangelical leaders and their views on the WV gay “marriage” flap because Brazilian readers are not familiar with them, then why did he choose an American liberal author who is less known?

Brazil has its own liberal problems among evangelicals, including the Brazilian branch of World Vision, whose director, Ariovaldo Ramos, once said:

Everybody who, in everyplace, fights against poverty, for the human liberation, for justice and rights available to everybody had, in Hugo Chávez, a reference of commitment to the poor and the oppressed.

He also once claimed:

The best we could say of someone is that, because he lived here, the world became better! We can say this of Hugo Chávez!

Apparently, a similar form of liberalism has hit the Brazilian Christian Post, which has published articles by Rev. Johnny Bernardo, who has a long history of affiliation with the Communist Party of Brazil and recently supported the decriminalization of marijuana in Brazil.

Portela’s article “Evangelical Obsession about Homosexuality Is Out of Control,” is not a condemnation of a liberal American author and her radical agenda, but, rather, a slam of scripturally orthodox evangelicals who are fighting to preserve their churches from the deluge of “progressive” obsessions.

“This whole situation has left me feeling frustrated, heartbroken and lost. I don’t think I’ve ever been more angry at the Church, particularly the Evangelical culture in which I was raised and with which I for so long identified,” wrote Evans about evangelical leaders who opposed WV’s initial pro-“gay marriage” stance.

“I confess I had not realized the true extent of the disdain and stigmatization many Evangelicals have toward LGBT people, nor had I expected World Vision to yield to that disdain and stigmatization by reversing its decision under financial pressure. Honestly, it feels like a betrayal from every side.”

As a “Christian” author who is not frustrated and heartbroken over Obama and his pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda, it is natural for her to want World Vision to remain faithful to anti-Biblical “progressive” principles, including “gay marriage.”

This is a betrayal of the true Gospel. But who said that “progressives” have this Gospel? “Gay marriage” will never be a betrayal of the “progressive” gospel.

Why is the Brazilian Christian Post aligning itself with counter-Christian, pro-“gay marriage” apostates?

The Christian Post should do a necessary work of exposing U.S. Protestant liberalism among Brazilian audiences, and vice-versa.

Brazil needs fewer, not more, liberal evangelical examples.

Portuguese version of this article: Por que o Christian Post adota o esquerdismo no Brasil?

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