We Chose the Moral High Ground!

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What follows is tale about adhering to the moral high ground no matter what the costs. I’m sure it has no relation to current events.


The Reformers formed decades ago. They quickly proved to be evil. They betrayed the nation in war. They sacrificed babies in worship of their cult. They engaged in all sorts of sexual deviancy and had others do the same. They tore down the nation all the while claiming to be loyal to it. They were illicitly violent yet condemned those who justly used violence. They supported domestic terrorism. They loved everything evil and hated everything good.

People like me opposed them. We pointed out all that was wrong. We politely wrote articles and think pieces that detailed all the errors in their beliefs and actions. We offered sensible alternatives.

We debated them—respectfully, of course—on TV and in the public square. We thought we were winning at first but soon became concerned when we saw the Reformers gaining support and growing in power.

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Nevertheless, we could always take pride that we remained calm, civil, and held onto our morals no matter what. The Reformers constantly got in the mud and engaged in all kinds of sleazy behavior. But we’d have none of it.

We always took the high ground.

Things became particularly bad in the last decade. The Reformers seized control of all the major institutions of society: the government, military, education system, entertainment industry, nongovernmental organizations, religious institutions—everything. And they used their power to attack us worse than ever.

They used the government to prosecute us. They destroyed the armed forces—our ability to defend ourselves as a nation—by sodomizing it, feminizing it, and “diversifying” it. They made sure the public hated us by using the entertainment industry to conduct information operations against us—demonizing us as worse than Satan (even as they elevated Satan into someone praiseworthy).

The education system was used to indoctrinate our kids and turn them against us. They brought in millions of foreigners as an invasion force so they could literally wipe out those of us who belonged to the “undesirable” race. Their war became so bad that we soon had to worry about being prosecuted for our political stances. But throughout it all, we wouldn’t sink to their mudslinging, their rudeness, and their overall vulgarity.

We retained the high ground.

But one day someone claiming to want to stop the Reformers appeared. He became known as Uncouth. He started fighting back against them with all the bombast, crudity, roughness, and no-holds-barred attitude that the Reformers successfully used against us for all these decades. And when he started make headway against the Reformers, something worse even happened: he started attracting followers.

His supporters acknowledged his flaws. Many said they didn’t even like him and knew he had a lot of the same problems the Reformers have. But they claimed they were just sick of our side surrendering to the Reformers. They said they just wanted somebody “who would fight back,” or someone “who would just tear down all the rot” before they got rid of him too.

Can you believe that?

Let me tell you something. Do you know how hard we worked—those of us who have opposed the Reformers all these decades—to maintain our moral high ground even as they attacked us with their incivility and outright criminality and treason? It was absolutely a nightmare. There were plenty of people during those times who wanted to abandon the high ground and fight back against the Reformers just as dirty as they have fought us all the years. But we worked hard to destroy those people and purge them from our midst. And we succeeded.

Because we weren’t about to lose the high ground.

Let me give you another example of how we won’t tolerate sinking to the Reformers’ level.

When a radical religious group attacked our nation years ago our political party controlled the national government. We vowed to get those responsible and initially waged a war that surely would’ve wiped them out. But the Reformers accused us of being on a crusade—of wanting to wage an unjust global war against that entire religion so we could impose our own religion on the world. We wanted to make sure that accusation didn’t stick. We wanted to make sure no one would ever think we weren’t on the moral high ground. So you know what we did? We stopped the war we were doing and started teaming up with the moderate adherents to the religion that attacked us. Or at least we started allying with the moderates at first. Later, the Reformers convinced us to start allying with the same extremists that attacked us. But that’s a separate story.

The point is, when the Reformers accused us of not being on the high ground, we immediately stopped fighting those who attacked us and focused on supporting the moderates of the religion. We helped them establish a theocracy of their religion in their nation. We allied with them although they raped boys as a part of their culture. We stopped trying to win. We worked on spreading their religion throughout the world.

Have we been completely successful in convincing the Reformers to stop saying we’re racists and xenophobes? Nope. But at least it’s a little harder for them to do so.

And we know in our hearts that we have the high ground.

So when this vulgar outsider started telling people on our side to follow him in nastily fighting back against the Reformers, I, and others like me, became extremely concerned. And we immediately vowed to stop Uncouth.

(As one of the biggest religious names in our nation said of the current leader of the Reformers, we might not agree with him on his policies, but at least we can appreciate the manner in which he has maintained the comportment of the office. At least we don’t wince when he stands to speak. He murders babies, sodomizes children, fights against God and reality, and destroys the nation in a civilized manner. We couldn’t say the same about Uncouth.)

Sure, we have no passion when it comes to fighting back against the Reformers. After all, that passion could be misinterpreted as being vulgar or getting down in the mud. But when it comes to stopping someone like Uncouth who could damage our reputation and destroy our claim to the moral high ground, there really wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do to stop him.

So we waged a war against Uncouth like nothing we had ever done before. We’d never done anything similar against the Reformers or even against the religious radicals that attacked us; that continue attacking us even as we now ally with them.

It was a hard fight, but it was a valorous one, and ultimately a victorious one. We defeated Uncouth, and we ensured that no one like him would ever again arise to challenge the Reformers in such a dirty and unmannered way.

We saved our position on the high ground.

Things have been rough since then. The Reformers completed their consolidation of power. Anyone who opposes them now is automatically a criminal, so you don’t see us publicly challenging them any longer. In fact, that’s why I’m writing this anonymously.

The Reformers controlling everything also means that foreign invaders now run the nation and we must submit to them in everything. We are even required to pay a monthly reparation tax to our new overlords. This is payment for all the harm they say we’re guilty of inflicting on the world in the past. Maybe they’re right to do this to us.

The new world also means that we’ve lost control of our kids. Our son told his teacher one day that he wanted to play with a doll that another student had. That automatically triggered an examination of him. The government determined he was transgender. They pumped him full of hormones and operated on his body. He’s now our daughter. I’m proud of him—I mean her! (Misgendering someone is a felony.) We just bought her a new dress.

Our daughter would’ve had another brother or sister by now. But the state-required genetic testing determined our second fetus was defective. And so my domestic partner (“husband” and “wife” are forbidden words—unless you’re in a gay marriage) and I were required to sacrifice it to the state religion.

Speaking of being gay, at first I didn’t like it when the Department of Diversity and Tolerance made us engage in sodomy as part of its effort to wipe out homophobia. Neither I nor my partner did. But our weekly sessions of having sex with people of the same gender have made me realize it isn’t so bad. In fact, whenever I hear the nuts on our side privately say they want to roll back the law that requires it, I roll my eyes at them before shouting them down. We already fought that war and we aren’t going to go back and re-litigate it.

That would, after all, damage our claim to the high ground.

Black supremacist terrorists riot in the nation. Anyone who has the misfortune of being targeted by them and then fights back has to go into hiding. The government won’t tolerate anyone refusing to die at their hands.

There are other things too but I think by now you see what I mean about life being rough. Life is terrible, actually.

It won’t get better. It’s utterly awful what the Reformers have done. But I always remind myself that things could be worse. Those of us who opposed the Reformers could’ve allowed Uncouth to fight them as dirty and as unrestricted as they fought us.

My daughter might be a mutilated image of her former self. My partner and I might have let the government slaughter our unborn child as a sacrifice to its fanatical religion. We might be required to engage in sodomy. We might be required to let black supremacist terrorists slaughter us. We must be sending our remaining few offspring off to fight wars for the fanatical religion that attacked us. And we might be slaves to the Reformers and our foreign conquerors.

But at least when it came to fighting to defeating the Reformers with Uncouth or choosing to stick with our ethics and lose, we chose our scruples. And that’s what matters most.

We chose the moral high ground!

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