China Trying to Break Up US Allies

In World War I, it wasn’t just one country against another as it usually had been, but it was a country and their allies fighting another country and their allies.

The same was true in World War II, with Germany, Japan and Italy, fighting America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Even though the tense Cold War is over, there is growing concern about another world war breaking out.

Many fear it will be the US against Russia or the US Against China, but if war does happen, it will probably be between the US and our allies versus Russia and China and their allies.

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Some believe that the pressure China is putting on Canada is intended to cause a rift between Canada and the US.

Investment Watch – COLD WAR II: China’s Plan to Break off US Allies. “There’s a reason Beijing is pressuring Canada – not the US – over Meng Wanzhou’s arrest. Australia and New Zealand could be next.” – On the issue of Huawei, China realizes that the United States has enlisted its allies to collectively encircle the Chinese high-tech company. This sets a precedent for the United States to gather allies to suppress China in other areas in the future.

The Chinese official media Global Times published a particularly stern editorial entitled “Let the country that is invading China’s interests pay the price” on December 16, 2018. saying that “for countries which do not care about China’s interests and have extraordinary behavior, China should resolutely fight back, let it pay the price, and even suffer huge losses.” Doing so, to article reasoned, “also allows other countries to understand that China is principled”:

There is a high risk in following the U.S. to harm China’s interests. This time Canada helped the United States to detain a Huawei executive, which broke the bottom line…

A friend of mine is not usually an alarmist, but he is positive that if not in his lifetime, that he fully expect there will be a third world war during the lifetime of his kids.

This war will be the most devastating war in history and will undoubtedly kill millions and maim millions more.

Chances are, the war will come to the United States and cities here will be destroyed, along with the people living in them.

I don’t wish it on anyone, but I don’t see much chance of avoiding it.



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