China Nearing Deplyment of Hypersonic Ship Killing Missiles Capable of Sinking US Aircraft Carriers

Is China preparing for war?

If you have been following the numerous reports on their military capabilities and developments, it would seem that the answer is yes.

A decade ago, there probably wouldn’t be as much concern as the US was still had one of the best militaries and in the world.

However, 8-years of Obama devastated our military to more of a second-rate nation instead of THE world’s most powerful nation.

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The latest report coming from China says that they are nearly ready to deploy midrange hypersonic missiles that have the capability of destroying and sinking any and all US aircraft carriers.

UPI – China’s hypersonic weapons can sink U.S. aircraft carriers, state media says – China plans to deploy midrange ballistic missiles capable of destroying U.S. aircraft carriers by 2020, according to multiple state media reports.

China Times and others reported Tuesday the Dongfeng-17 is a midrange rocket that could be used to sink an entire U.S. aircraft carrier, if it is fired eight times.

The Dongfeng-17 is equipped with a hypersonic gliding warhead that has the ability to penetrate the missile defense system of the United States and other countries, the reports say.

Chen Guangwen, a Chinese military commentator, said the Dongfeng-17 is “impossible” to be traced and intercepted by “Western missile defense.” If Dongfeng-ZF’s hypersonic warhead technology is perfected, the weapon could pose a major threat to the United States’ missile defense network, Chen said…

While Obama was busy dismantling America’s military and not working on the development of new weapons, both China and Russia were busy developing newer and deadlier weapons.

Instead of reducing the size of their manned military troops, like Obama was doing here, China and Russia were busy building and training their troops.

Prior to Obama, most military experts believe that the US could successfully defended our nation in the event of war.

Today, those same military experts warn that either China or Russia could likely defeat the US if war erupts.



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