China Admits Detaining President of Interpol

Last Saturday, we reported that the president of Interpol, a international law enforcement agency, had disappeared after traveling to China.

Meng Hongwei, Interpol’s president has been critical of the Chinese government.

Last week, Meng, who is from China, traveled from France (where Interpol is headquartered) to his homeland, but after arriving, no one, not even his wife, had heard from him.

As news of Meng’s disappearance began to spread across the globe, casting suspicion on China, the red giant finally admitted that they had Meng in custody.

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Allegedly, Meng, who is also the vice minister of public security in China is being investigated by the Chinese government over allegations of bribery and other crimes.

(Washington Examiner) – China confirmed Sunday the detention and investigation of Meng Hongwei, the president of Interpol, for potential violations of the law.

Meng’s status had been unclear since Thursday, when his wife reported him missing after she did not hear from him upon arriving back to China from France.

Along with leading Interpol, the global law enforcement agency, Meng is the vice minister of public security in China.

China’s National Supervisory Commission said in statement that Meng is being investigated for suspected violations of state law, but the Chinese authorities did not provide additional detail about its justification for the detention, the South China Morning Post reports.

Later Sunday, Interpol said Meng resigned as president of the agency…

While some praise China for supposedly opening up more to other nations, they fail to understand that the communist government is extremely harsh and strict against anyone who dares criticize them.

It has been suggested that some of Meng’s comments against the Chinese government have made him an enemy of that government and that his detention is a matter of retribution.

The Chinese government has a long history of having officials go missing or disappearing for days and months without any word as to their whereabouts or disposition.

Most likely, it was the world news of Meng’s disappearance that forced China’s hand in acknowledging that they have detained him.



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