Children and Christians: Pawns in the “Gay” Bullying Game

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Parents in Minnesota and Iowa are fighting bills that would usher in sweeping pro-homosexual school programs, all in the name of “bullying prevention,” but it’s a smoke and mirrors game. There’s a time and place for laws that take authentic bullies to task, and they are not always in the schoolhouse.

Arizona and other states are terrified of anti-bullying legislation. That’s essentially what religious freedom bills are: an attempt to rein in the bullying of aggressive leftists and their allies who target Christians with spurious lawsuits, disemployment, hefty fines, and/or character assassination.

The Human Rights Campaign now says RFRA bills are a “license to discriminate.” That’s their take on the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for millions of Americans.

It’s essentially a declaration of war.

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First Amendment rights shouldn’t be controversial. What’s astounding is the notion that “gay” behavior must be honored by force if necessary, even as marriage.

Or as respectable identities for children. But “anti-bullying” policies are now perceived as essential in public schools nationwide and are often a cover for mandated “LGBT” indoctrination and suppression of any objections.

You’d think children were totally unprotected in schools until the past few years, prior to the passage of some kind of anti-bullying law in forty-nine states. How did children in 1961, 1975 or 1987 manage to survive?

Actually, conduct codes have existed in schools since the first school bell jangled, but today’s approach is a whole different animal. It’s activism, mostly concerned with the latest perceived (not real) “civil rights” movement — homosexuality. Or as God called it, sin.

Activists both inside and outside America’s schools are pushing kids toward homosexuality and gender change while demonizing conservative values that would steer them elsewhere. The teacher’s unions are on board, and the gay-stapo hopes no concerned parent or astute student recognizes that hand grenades are being thrown into the school environment. Critics of current religious freedom bills might want to take a look at the behavior of activists at the schoolhouse before they dismiss those measures as “unnecessary.”

Because in many schools now, mostly in blue states, Christian parents no longer have a voice on homosexuality. There is one viewpoint — “LGBT” affirmation — and it’s been established by determined revolutionaries who keep crying “Intolerance!” while tolerating no other views.

Let’s just be clear: no truly caring person is in favor of bullying. All students deserve protection. But the real push for these measures is coming from “LGBT” activists who see an opportunity to attack worthy moral standards and elevate homosexuality and gender-bending practiced by children to a place of honor. They claim special protections — “enumerated categories” — must be explicitly mandated for “LGBT” students under bullying prevention policies. There are, of course, no such inborn identities for children or anyone else.

Using disruptive, anti-child advocacy, the Human Rights Campaign (promoters of the grade school gender confusion program, “Welcoming Schools”) and GLSEN (sponsor of the victim-posturing “Day of Silence,” held in April in public schools)  are busy corrupting children with misinformation and hyperbole about bullying, all laced with explicit “gay” sexual messages.

The most aggressive bully on the block, the Southern Poverty Law Center, runs interference by labeling respected Christian pro-family organizations as “hate” groups comparable to the Ku Klux Klan. Then, through its deceptively-named education division, “Teaching Tolerance,” SPLC’s approach to Christian freedom of expression in public schools is simple — distort and dismiss:

“Religion can be a hot topic when discussing LGBT issues.  All students are entitled to their religious viewpoints, but those viewpoints may not intrude on the rights of others.  Harassment based on religious beliefs is unacceptable and should be addressed according to your school’s anti-bullying policy.”

The “rights of others” includes, of course, openly expressed homosexuality/gender-bending among children of any age, and “harassment” means there’s no room for your warnings, thank you very much.

The real tragedy is that these groups in reality exploit vulnerable and fragile kids, all the while espousing great compassion and, disingenuously, “tolerance” as a motive. And let’s just be frank: there’s one type of bully in the current climate almost never held accountable: the verbally combative homosexual, lesbian or cross-dresser who taunts and insults others. In the adult world, this is personified by vicious homosexual bloggers who spread lies, distortions, and have called me and others vulgarities I’d never attribute to my worst enemy, but to them, it’s their daily bread.  How these people have gotten any traction is beyond unbelievable. They’d never last two weeks in the corporate environment.

Then there are students who fall into this category. I know of several situations where life was made a living hell for peers by troubled “gay” adolescents whose destructive actions went unpunished.

The “gay” respectability agenda tacked on to anti-bullying efforts is not helping the bullying problem. First, it’s inaccurate. We should not in any way endorse these unhealthy, immoral lifestyles which are not inborn and are changeable. The unnatural practice of anal sex results in around 8,000 new cases each year of HIV among homosexual males age 13 to 24 in the U.S., an epidemic that is totally preventable. The recent rise is probably fueled by advocacy to youth.

But some problems with questionable school anti-bullying programs are finally coming to light. Eagle Forum published an article outlining the disputable efficacy of these programs and the negative impact of the highly publicized 2011 documentary film Bully. Many school districts around the country are including it in their bullying prevention efforts, but the film is highly charged, depressing, and of course, showcases name-calling and harassment of students perceived to be homosexuals. Even more questionable is that the film focuses on the lives of two students who committed suicide.

Why would many schools around the country show middle schoolers such material?  School showings of Bully are under fire for another reason. Two students in the fall of 2013 killed themselves shortly after viewing this documentary with its hopeless elements. One was fifteen; the other, a twelve-year-old, shot two other students and killed a teacher along with himself.

And of course, Bully has a determined pro-homosexual angle, sending the clear message that only approval of these behaviors will end the torment for some adolescents.

Woven throughout all these programs is the message that Christians are the over-arching enemy, responsible for all the violence ever done to any person involved in personal homosexual immorality. The narrative is the same, whether it’s the schoolhouse or the Statehouse.

But if anyone thinks these desperately discontented people will stop their assault at Christians, think again. First, they came for the Christians and the children …

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