Child Evangelism Fellowship Wins Major Victory in Ohio

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Child Evangelism Fellowship won a major victory in Cleveland, Ohio. After several years of litigation, Liberty Counsel ultimately resolved this case, and a judge issued an order that opens the door for equal access for the Good News Clubs.

Mat Staver: This case began in 2013, so was three years ago that Liberty Counsel filed this lawsuit on behalf of Child Evangelism Fellowship seeking equal access to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s facilities for after school programs — after school opportunities for these young boys and girls. Which had been given to them until an administrator changed and decided no more equal access for this Christian group because its Christian. The Boy Scouts can still use the facilities without charge. Others can use the facilities. But not the Good News Clubs. Despite our efforts to resolve the matter, they were not successful and we ended up in three years of litigation.

Matt, this is a good resolution, but it’s the hard lesson for the school to learn…

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