Chief Justice Roy Moore Has Been Wrongly Suspended for Life

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Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended for life, if you will, by what is called the Court of the Judiciary. And this Court of the Judiciary, a nine member panel, literally violated the law to do what it did in this case. At the same time claiming that the Chief Justice violated the law by advocating that the probate judges in the state actually disobey federal court ruling.

Unbelievable situation. We’re going to take it apart on Faith and Freedom. I’m Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Mat Staver: Well, Matt, as you know, the COJ, the Court of the Judiciary,  is an appointed body: three people of the nine member panel are not lawyers, one person is a lawyer, the other five are judges. So it’s made up of judges, a lawyer, and three lay people who have no experience in law. And under what they call “Rule 16,” that governs this particular panel, if you are going to remove a judge from office, I will read what it says:

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With respect to removal from office, the court shall convict only with the concurrence of all members sitting…

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