Chief Justice Roy Moore Has Been Removed Unjustly

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Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court has received an unjust decision from what is called the Court of the Judiciary, that did not have the authority to remove him, because they lack the unanimous nine votes to do so under the law. What they did is effectively remove him anyway by suspending him for the rest of his term, until January, 2019, without pay.

And the Chief Justice reaches the mandatory age of retirement for judges in Alabama. So effectively what they’ve done is remove him from the bench for the rest of his life.

Mat Staver: Welcome to Faith and Freedom Chief Justice Moore.

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CJ Roy Moore: Well thank-you Mr. Staver, I appreciate being on your program. 

Mat Staver: Well, Chief Justice, it’s been a pleasure to know you and Kayla, and to work with you, and certainly we have known you for many, many years. In this particular case, for people who are not familiar with the matter, we want to focus on something specific, and dig into what it is that you were charged with…

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