Chicago’s Black Lesbian Mayor-Elect Says She’ll Welcome Trump’s Illegals in Her City

Early last week, a rumor flew around claiming that the White House had toyed with the idea of sending all of the illegal alien detainees they are forced to release, to sanctuary cities.

At first, the White House denied the rumor, but then Trump came out and said it is a serious consideration.

After all, it’s the Democrats who are forcing the release of the detained illegals and it’s the Democrats who want them in the US and who have established sanctuary cities to protect illegal aliens.

Therefore, it only makes sense to give Democrats what they want and flood their sanctuary cities with illegal aliens.

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Chicago’s new Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot, a black lesbian, said she would welcome as many illegal aliens as Trump wants to send her way.

Fox News – Chicago Mayor-elect Lightfoot says she’d welcome immigrants if Trump sends them – Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot said illegal immigrants are always welcomed to her city, even if President Trump is the one sending them there.

On Friday, Trump confirmed reports that he was seriously considering relocating asylum seekers who exceeded their 20 days in custody to Democratically controlled sanctuary cities nationwide.

Lightfoot, who was recently elected mayor, appeared on CNN and reaffirmed the sanctuary policies in her city.

She dismissed Trump as being “provocative” and told CNN anchor

Anderson Cooper that her city has been dealing with asylum seekers for decades. Trump’s threats are “much ado about nothing.” …

One would think that Democrats who create their sanctuary cities to protect illegal aliens would welcome the released detainees as Lightfoot is, however that’s not the case.

Once Trump announced that he was seriously considering this plan, the very same Democrats who fight FOR illegal aliens over American citizens, went ballistic over Trump’s announcement.

They claim it’s illegal, immoral, unethical and cost-prohibitive.

If Democrats are forcing the release of thousands of detained illegal aliens, then what difference is them as to where they are released?

Besides, sanctuary cities are ILLEGAL because they defy federal laws and obstruct federal law enforcement personnel from performing their duty, something that any of us could and would be arrested for doing.

They want the illegal released but NOT in their cities, although they claim to want to protect them. Talk about hypocrisy to the hilt!



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