Chicago Schools: ‘Affirm’ Wacko Trannies, or Else

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So tell me again–you send your children to public school because______?

The mucky-mucks at the Chicago public schools have just made a decree ordering all students to address all transgender loons by “their preferred name and pronouns” and to “affirm [that person’s] new identity”–or else face consequences that could include being charged with a federal offense.

Wow, that’s pretty serious. Ten-year-old Johnny gets sent down for twenty years for “intentionally and persistently using the wrong pronouns.” You even have to call these lost souls “ze” instead of he or she, if that’s what they demand of you.

What–you think it’ll never happen in your local school district?

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Oh, it will. And sooner than you think.

By the way: as near as anyone can tell, “transgender persons” constitute about three tenths of 1 percent of the population. Of that three tenths of a percent, what fraction of them is “transgender youth,” of school age? And of those, what fraction of that fraction is “real” transgender and what fraction is kids whose wacko parents taught them that they are transgender?

In other words, for the sake of what fraction of a fraction of the population, what microscopic splinter group, are we proposing to turn our whole country upside-down?

But it’s not for them. This handful of poor lost souls are only pawns in the game.

To see who it’s for, consult Revelation. It’s the last book in the Bible.

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Lee Duigon
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