Charlottesville Tragedy Exploited by SPLC – Family Research Council Speaks Out

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Following the Charlottesville tragedy, and a tragedy it certainly was, the Southern Poverty Law Center has tried to exploit that tragedy. And unfortunately, some in the media have parroted this false, defamatory, and frankly, dangerous rhetoric. No one knows more about how dangerous this is than the Family Research Counsel, which has been a target in the past of a terrorist attack by an individual who went to the SPLC website and targeted the FRC just because of their position on marriage and human sexuality.

Our special guest today is Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin.

Mat Staver: There is no other organization, General Boykin, other than the Family Research Counsel, that knows first hand the danger of this kind of false labeling, where organizations like the Family Research Counsel, Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom, and others are lumped in  falsely, wrongly, with these violent hate organizations that actually engage in and/or promote violence.

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Because, FRC was a target of one of these attacks because of the SPLC in 2012.

Lt. Gen. Boykin: Yea…last week was the 5th year anniversary of the shooting in our building when Floyd Lee Corkins came in about 10:40 in the morning with a 9mm pistol and 100 round of ammunition…

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