Chaos, Conscience and Corruption

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The accelerating moral chaos we see swirling all around us is the strongest argument for the absolute need for good principles most people respect and abide and encourage. Civilization absolutely depends on it. This pandemic of demoralization is also evidence the Left is succeeding in destroying the West from within.

Can you imagine any presidential candidate anywhere at any time bragging about sexually assaulting a woman, bragging about his adulterous affairs, bragging about threesomes, bragging about ill-gotten gain, proud of his history of lying his way to ‘victory,’ bragging about working a rigged system, participating in corruption, paying for influence?

Do you recall any presidential candidate found lying year after year about her record, her criminal activity, her work covering for her rapist husband, her malfeasance in office, her lifestyle of corruption, an individual above the law, completely unaccountable?

Have you ever seen legions of people defending each of these candidates, to the death, no matter what they say or do? Was there ever a time—even considering the Civil War period—when Americans were so divided, and so focused on ripping one another to shreds, for nothing?  Can it be many millions of people have actually gone insane?

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What kind of sick society elevates the first person as an example of a man’s man? When I was a kid we were taught to respect and admire people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Lou Gerig and Jim Thorpe.  We were taught to respect women.  We were schooled in the Golden Rule. Our teachers emphasized true patriotism, honesty, duty, fidelity and virtue, all lessons now expunged from public education. (Any wonder we’ve lost our minds?)

What kind of depraved culture exalts a lifelong matron of mayhem, a Nurse Ratched, the Countess of Corruption? When we were in school, girls were taught to be virtuous, honest, reliable, kind, faithful. Students were encouraged to admire the admirable, women like Abigail Adams, Anne Frank, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher.

But forget about high virtue for a moment. Whatever happened to basic decency? Gone on an evil breeze . . . carrying the stench of the blood of 55 million unborn human beings slaughtered in the womb.   Given to self-indulgence above all, we trade conscience for convenience then wonder why we act like animals, selling tiny organs from the butcher shop.  How did all this happen?

Cultural and economic Marxists like Saul Alinsky, teachers at the Frankfurt School, and a host of others from the Kremlin and the People’s Republic wormed their way into the minds of people like Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi. They wormed their way into the minds of most of the high school and college teachers throughout the land. They spent decades planting the seeds of destruction in hearts and minds. They started ‘movements,’ like God is Dead, Do You Own Thing, Free Love, Kill Your Parents. The plan all along was total destruction, required before the new building, the new utopia, the new age of human wisdom and strength, their only reliance.  We resisted the Worms at first, but step by step they infected one generation after the other, destroying our only immunity, faith in God.

Hillary Clinton is just the latest agent of destruction, and Donald Trump? He is a pawn, a foil, a fall guy, a throwaway, a tool fashioned to advance the New Age.  How else do you explain his nomination from a field of 17 other highly qualified individuals, principled people, most of them far more likely to prevail in November?  It would appear Republicans have joined the Worms, helping construct the New Age.

With religious fervor inspired by the devil, Leftists have relentlessly undermined decency day by day for decades, and they have succeeded far beyond their dreams.  The utopia they envision is a false hope however, a mirage, an illusion. There never was, and there will never be peace on earth established by mere human will.  Our entire history proves conclusively we always bollix it, our only salvation residing with the God of love.  When we cooperate with Him, blessings flow.  When we believe the old lie of Eden, rejecting God and attempting to run the show in our own strength, curses proliferate.

And here we are, up to our nostrils in sewage, helpless, drowning in our own waste, showing our wisdom and strength by refusing God’s loving help, shaking our fists one last time, screeching “We’ll do it ourselves!” And so, our options are Evil One, and Evil Two.  Any wonder we do not have the moral courage to stand up to Jihad?


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