CBN News Sunday: Praying for Pastor Saeed

American Pastor Saeed Abedini is approaching the third year mark of his captivity in Iran.

He’s serving an eight year sentence in one of Iran’s toughest prisons for simply sharing his Christian Faith.

Throughout Saeed’s imprisonment, he has spent weeks in solitary confinement and has been subjected to beatings from guards and prison mates. He has even been refused medical treatment for his injuries.

Yet his faith remains strong.

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Others have stood with him holding vigils, prayer meetings, and rallies.

His wife Naghmeh Abedini has played a key role in petitioning for his release, testifying before Congress and even meeting with President Obama.

Although, Government officials have largely ignored her request, her efforts are not in vain. She is now calling Christians to fast and pray for Saeed and the presecuted church.

Naghmeh tells CBN News there’s a prayer vigil for Saeed and other persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ on September 26.

She is encouraging folks around the world to join the vigil, hold one where they are or even join on-line. More information is at

CBN News is joining the effort online with stories and a prayer wall over the coming days leading up to the vigil. Check our website and Facebook page to join the prayer effort.

Report via CBN News

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