‘Gay’ Catholic Patient Curses at Hospital Chaplain

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In the latest example of a Christian being persecuted by the anti-Christian “gay” lobby, a Catholic hospital chaplain is coming under fire for apparently refusing Communion to a man who unrepentantly lives the “gay” lifestyle.

From the Washington Post:

A Catholic chaplain at MedStar Washington Hospital Center stopped delivering a 63-year-old heart attack patient Communion prayers and last rites after the man said he was gay, the patient said Wednesday, describing a dramatic bedside scene starting with him citing Pope Francis and ending with him swearing at the cleric.

Details of the exchange this month between the Rev. Brian Coelho and retired travel agent Ronald Plishka couldn’t be confirmed with the priest, who did not respond to a direct e-mail or to requests left with the hospital and the archdiocese….

The conversation was interrupted by someone coming into the room, which he shared with another patient, Plishka recalled. After that, Coelho ‘would not continue’ with the specific prayers and acts of Communion and anointing, Plishka said. ‘He said, ‘I will pray with you,’ but that’s all he’d do. That was it….

So let me get this straight (pun intended). This supposedly practicing Catholic, Ronald Plishka, was making what could have been his deathbed confession, yet he ended up throwing a hissy fit because the priest wouldn’t approve of his actively “gay” lifestyle and give him Communion sacrilegiously?

Also, assuming the sacrament of reconciliation was taking place—and it sounds like it was—Plishka likely knows that the priest is bound by the seal of confession and cannot comment on any aspect of their interaction, even to defend himself.

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The bottom line is that if in fact Plishka rejects Catholic teaching on homosexuality (which certainly seems to be the case), he’s wrong to criticize Father Coelho for refusing him Communion. Plishka is risking his eternal salvation by refusing to confess the sin of homosexual activity—not to mention publicly and unjustly criticizing the priest who was trying to help him.

Sad to say, the hospital’s statement on the matter reflects either political correctness run amok or fear of the “gay” lobby’s wrath … or both.

…While the priest is not an employee but rather is assigned by the Archdiocese to provide spiritual care at our hospital, it is our expectation that all who support our patients adhere to our values. This includes offering pastoral and spiritual support to all patients, regardless of their faith traditions. Our hospital was recognized last year as a ‘Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality’ by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. We want to hold true to this important commitment to the LGBT community and to all of our patients. Our Department of Spiritual Care has reinforced our expectations with this particular priest and his superiors.

Adhere to our values? In other words, “We expect that our chaplains will condone the homosexual lifestyle and agenda—if they know what’s good for them.”

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Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic journalist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University. He has been interviewed on MSNBC, NPR and WLS-TV in Chicago, and has been quoted in The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

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