Carry Thy Gun, Love Thy Neighbor

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A gun in the hands of an evildoer troubles me. My hope is that in times of trouble there may be just, responsible, God-fearing men who may rise up to slay, if absolutely necessary, those who seek to destroy.

I do believe that every individual has the right to carry a gun for protection and defense (as guaranteed by God and secured by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution). But, please, let’s pray we never have to use it. And may we love our neighbor before and above our guns.

If we need to use our weapons, let’s understand what it means to take a life and not do so recklessly without caution or just cause — that an accidental, unintended, unwarranted death not be the final outcome.

Disarming A Nation

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On the heels of a recent gun-related tragedy, a liberal proudly declares, “I’m not against people owning a gun… just crazy people owning guns.”

There is a real, practical, even dangerous problem with this otherwise reasonable sentiment, however, and the problem lies directly in the radical ideology of big government progressives, as even the most justified acts of self-defense have come under scrutiny. We must see the underlying agenda and realize that if the act of self-defense is vilified, that’s one more excuse (albeit a highly flawed and downright sinister justification) for the government to attempt to take away our guns.

Tragically, even our brave and faithful vets are on notice. In our day of confusion and uncertainty, may we humbly and responsibly maintain our right to self-defense.

(As featured in the social/political commentary America Lost by AJ Castellitto. Now Available courtesy of Tate Publishing.)

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A.J. Castellitto is a freelance writer. His writings have been published by Western Journalism, Reformed Perspective and RenewAmerica. He is author of the book America Lost. Tweets @AmericaLost2014

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