Cardinal Admits the Catholic Church Destroyed Sex-Abuse Files

A top cardinal has admitted that the global Catholic Church destroyed files to prevent documentation of decades of sexual abuse of children, telling the Catholic leaders attending Pope Francis’ clergy abuse summit on February that such misconduct led “in no small measure” to more children being sexually abused.

In a frank speech to the 190 cardinals, bishops and heads of religious orders taking part in the summit, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx said the Catholic Church’s misadministration had left victims’ rights “trampled underfoot” and “made it impossible” for the worldwide institution to fulfill its mission.

“Files that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed, or not even created,” said Marx.

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It is not the first time compromising files are destroyed to cover up crimes and their authors.

Renowned Catholic historian Paul Johnson, in his book “A History of Christianity” (published in the United Kingdom in 1976), said of the Inquisition: “Many countries would not admit the Inquisition at all… There was the destruction of records.”

Because of this destruction and because only more favorable Catholic files survived, many radical Catholics say today that the Inquisition was a myth created by Protestants and they attack even popes who recognize and apologize for the crimes of the Inquisition.

Perhaps the same kind of radicals will say, 500 years from now, that the epidemic of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church today was just a myth, disparaging its own existence. There is only a myth in this issue: That there is no link between Catholic abuse and homosexual abusers.

The existence of sexual abuses especially against boys is so undeniable today and it will be so undeniable 500 years from now as the crimes and abuses of the Inquisition are undeniable.

Files and documents can be destroyed, but one day God will make the destroyers, abusers and killers accountable to him.

With information from WorldNetDaily and National Catholic Reporter.

Portuguese version of this article: Cardeal admite que a Igreja Católica destruiu arquivos de abuso sexual

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