Caravan Migrants Prove Disrespect for American Law by Breaching Border

For over 5-years, millions of people in Central and South America have been taught that if they claim asylum at the US border that they would have to be allowed to get into the country.

It doesn’t matter if they are really running away from violence or anything else, in order to get into the US, just say one word – ASYLUM.

Many of the migrants in the latest migrant caravan say they are fleeing violence, yet have already tried to use violence against US Border Patrol agents in their attempt to enter the US illegally.

Socialist Democrats have been working hard to help the migrants gain entrance into the US, despite the fact that there is proof that members of the violent MS-13 gang hide among the migrants o they can gain entrance into the US.

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This is why we need armed military troops along the border. It’s time they protect America’s border instead of in other countries.

Fox News – Caravan migrants begin to breach border as frustration with slow asylum process grows – At least two dozen Central American migrants — who claim they’re disillusioned and frustrated with the asylum-seeking process — breached the U.S.-Mexico border Monday just before dusk by scaling a 10-foot metal fence, witnesses say.

They were observed using blankets and ropes to help climb over the structure separating California from Tijuana, where thousands of migrants have been gathering in recent days. Other migrants managed to squeeze through a section of the fence on the coastal city’s beach, according to Reuters.

Some migrants reportedly tried to escape capture by the U.S. Border Patrol, but most were caught. It remains unclear Tuesday how many of the migrants — if any at all — managed to escape detention.

Karen Mayeni, a 29-year-old Honduran mother with three children between six and 12 years old, told Reuters she was only observing others penetrating the border and was “waiting to see what happens.” The woman will decide her family’s next action “in a couple of days,” she said…

The only reason Democrats work so hard to allow illegal and ungrateful aliens into the US is for their votes, legal or illegal.

That’s the real reason they are also  against deporting the millions of illegal aliens already in the United States.

Don’t forget that there were reports of as many as 3 million votes were cast in 2016 by non-citizens, most of which were illegals.

Sadly, Democrats and RINOs blocked President Trump’s effort to investigate the claim of so many illegal votes, which if were proven, means that Trump DID win the popular vote in addition to the Electoral vote, making him the clear winner.

Democrats need the thousands of caravan migrants to cast their illegal votes in 2020 in order to defeat Trump and gain control of America.



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